March 15, 2013

1. Apples + almond butter. Favorite dessert to grab when I don't have anything baked. Hadley likes to split the apple with me, too.
2. Licorice Spice tea. My sister-in-law introduced me to this sweet and spicy, nectar-like tea last summer and I almost forgot how lovely it is. I don't even like licorice, but I'm a big fan of this.
3. Sometimes I pop Hadley into the dry tub for a couple minutes and she loves it. It frees my hands for a minute and she gets to be reunited with her bath toys- the lack of water never fazes her.
4. Having friends and their babies over to my house for lunch and conversation. Love those girls. I can't believe we're at the stage where lunch is trying to figure out how to eat, chat, and take care of our kids at the same time. (Our kids?!! I don't feel that grown-up yet!)
5. Oh boy! iMac upgrade. Grant was like a kid on Christmas morning. I'm writing this post from our brand new computer! Every key on the keyboard feels so snappy and new.
6. I bought this paintable wooden necklace from The Paperie. How charming is that? I'm going to love changing the colors whenever I feel like it.
7. New look for my shop! Speaking of which, I've been busy designing blog headers for a handful of people this week. I'll show you a peek next week.
8. Staying up late re-telling our dating story to each other. Digging up all of our old pre-dating communication. Being embarrassed about how ridiculous my half of the writing was.
9. Buying plane tickets!!! Yay! We're squeezing in a vacation before Hadley turns 2 and we'll have to start paying for her. :)
10. Friday came so fast! Happy Friday, guys. Have a great weekend.


Amanda said...

Plopping Hadley into the bathtub without water is a genius idea! And I think I almost "awwed" out loud when I read about you re-telling your dating story to each other. Re-reading old notes is the best!

Anonymous said...

Loving your list, Summer--we are alike in our list-making love!

I'm interested in Licorice Spice tea. Any iMac upgrade is the best! Love the empty bath tub idea. Nothing like remembering when you were young(er). Happy trip!

And....loving #7 the best! I ❤ my new header, designed by you!! Thank you, again.

Bridget said...

stash's licorice spice is soooo good. and that necklace is seriously cool.



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