March 8, 2013
Happy Friday, guys! What are you doing to get the weekend started? We are taking a big grocery trip when Grant gets home from work (we all go- it's like a family date), and tonight we're making cookies and watching a new-to-me Morgan Freeman movie.

This week I like...

Watercoloring with Hadley. On his way out to work a couple mornings ago, Grant said, "Do you think she'd be old enough to do like an art project or something?" And turns out she is. (It took some courgae for me to hand her that paint brush that first time, but we lined the table with newspaper and she's doing really well with it so far.) We now have a brand new activity for us to turn to during these still-staying-inside winter days. It was brilliant.

Sorting more 50 Promises memory cards. Thanks a million to everyone who has been buying them! It's been hard (and fun) trying to keep them in stock.

The 94 Second app. My sister-in-law texted me the other night and said I needed to get this game and that I would love it. She was right. It's like playing Scattergories against yourself. Grant and I sat and played as a team last night after Hadley went to bed and we couldn't stop. It's so addicting! Go to the app store and get it asap.

My first ever bouquet of daffodils. They look so March-y, don't they? We had our house appraised yesterday because we are re-financing and as we were walking around the house with the appraiser, I noticed these happy things waiting to surprise me. Thanks, Grant.

These deep dish cookies. We made them last Friday night and they're an effortless way to celebrate the start of a weekend. Super fast. And so many delish versions to pick from.

Buying a whole case of these.

It's been a good week. Hope yours was, too!


Kelly said...

YES! We love the Enjoy Life choc chips! We buy them by the case as well! The other thing I love to buy by the case on Amazon is Earnest Eats PB and Choc granola bars. So good.

Laura Railing said...

I just found that game! so fun! have you tried 4 pics 1 word? you have to! so fun! It's free too! mm those chips are the best! good stuff.

Melanie Anne said...

summer--sure do love your sweet little happy blog! I love your strong faith and love of the simple things in life. And as the Mother of 5 boys I sure do love to see pictures of your darling little GIRL:) Since we are all rough and tumble around our house:) Have a great weekend!

cranny + me said...

I had no idea you had an online shop! I just made my first purchase and LOVE it-- can't wait to see it hanging on my wall : ) Happy weekending!

jess&rob said...

For the deep dish cookie did you just sub one of your wheat flour alternatives?!

marta said...

hadley with a paintbrush?! oh my. so fun, summer. and i love daffodils. they are my mom's favorite flower. and yes for fun baking projects. i imagine your house as one of calm and happiness. and oh my goodness, i am squealing over your new banner. i love.

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

I just made those deep-dish cookies too & they were amazing! I could be in trouble now that I know that recipe... Hehe!

And I will definitely have to check out that game, because I love Scattergories! :)

Jes said...

Those are THE best chocolate chips EVER. It's really difficult not to just keep a bag for random nibbles :D



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