March 25, 2013
Hi guys! Just had to pop in one more time today to share this. I've been listening on and off to the Healthy Life Summit 2013. (It's hosted by Ann Marie from Cheeseslave.) If you are at all interested in food, healthy babies and kids, your body, healthy lifestyle/world, etc, you might love this. It's all streaming for free this week! Each day, there's a new handful of speakers on a bunch of interesting topics. For example, today you can learn about...

do-it-yourself butchering and charcuterie
grain-free eating + how to stock your kitchen
healing your hormones
baby food
childhood illnesses
losing weight
what's up with GMO's

Just wanted to let you know! In the words of my friend Katie (who is tuned into the Summit with me): Yay for free education!!


Jennifer Lange said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you're listening too! I'm loving on Sally Fallon Morrel's interview right now! I can't wait to get her new book from my library.



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