March 26, 2013

This morning she discovered Beauty & The Beast. It was kind of huge.

I get so sentimental about this movie! I remember unwrapping it for Christmas with my twin sister. There was a bowl of caramel popcorn. We put it in our VCR and watched the magic unfold on our 4:3 tv. Afterwards we piled into our minivan with Mom and Dad to go look at Christmas lights around our neighborhood. It's one of the best movie experiences I remember from my childhood.

So... just to give us all a dose of sweet nostalgia today... :)


Anneliese said...

summer (& hadley)!! please come watch this with us! there is a showing almost everyday before nap. caroline loaned bentley her DVD & it is his prize possession. yesterday, i tried to start it where we had left off. "mom it needs to where the big bad wolf chases papa" the beginning? "yes, the 'gining"

Josie said...

so fun - the soundtrack was one of the first cds i bought myself!
and i love hadley's little precious!!

Christina said...

<3 Beauty and the Beast.

Lauren :) said...

This is my favorite movie ever! and every time Lumier sings "Course by course, one by one. . . " i cry. it brings back memories of innocence & whimsy~

Sandy said...

This was the first movie Amy saw at the theater (she was 4)and she was very scared of the Beast and sat on my lap the whole time. Thanks for the little memory, Summer!

Ang said...

ahhh - Beauty and the Beast was (probably still is) my absolute FAVORITE disney movie growing up! ...can't wait for my girlies to be old enough to be interested in it!!!



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