April 4, 2013

Hello friends! Want to read about me elsewhere today?! :)
The lovely people at Mommypage featured an interview with me! They asked me a few questions about my experience with the GAPS diet and eating gluten and (mostly) dairy free. I also talk about why I love cooking so much and share some of my favorite easy recipes. Come on over and see me!

And a few items of business to discuss...

1. Thank you so much for all the views yesterday after I announced the spring line-up in my tiny print shop! It was fun to make some lighthearted, playful kind of things for you guys. (I'm secretly hoping you'll want to decorate a corner of your house with one of them!) ;) I'm trying to decide which one to get myself. A friend emailed me yesterday telling me she knew right away which one was perfect for her and how awesome was it to hear that? Is there one that you connect with? I'd love to know! (you don't have to buy it!)

2. Yes, I'm still receiving and taking more orders for The 50 Promises memory cards. They will be available a bit longer yet, so feel free to grab a set! We are currently on Week 12 of this little game, if you're playing along.

3. I have lots of posts bobbing around in my head, so stay tuned for Tacos de Lengua, coconut pecan slab cookies, local dairy source found (!!), non-cereal breakfast ideas, and what I learned from reading Farmer Boy. Lots of good things to come!


Anonymous said...

Pecan slab cookies???? YES! TerriC

Amanda said...

I moved to Beijing in August so the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote really resonated with me for 2 reasons:

1. Because I'm so far from what's been my home for 23 years, and my friends and family.

2. I'm learning I can make my home anywhere.

Mom Judy said...

loved your interview, Summer and the photos too! You are inspiration to me. I love how you love your family by taking seriously your role as a homemaker. It truly is a real profession.

twinsontherun said...

I'm looking forward to the fun things you make from your local dairy. I get fresh milk, eggs and meat from ours and have made so many nutritious, delightful things!



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