April 3, 2013

Be prepared- this post is loaded. New nail color, new month, new pickle batch, new prints in the shop. Everything's new!

Ahhhhh. April! I never pay much attention to the few days of spring in March. It's April that always flips the switch inside me. Time for things to start afresh. Now a new season will begin. As Grant said to me over the weekend, "it's straight on till morning." We made it! Winter is over, the sun came out, and the snow is (mostly) gone from our yard. Grant went back to school this week to get cracking on the last 38 days of the school year. So exciting! Can you feel it? It's the 4th Quarter! April is in the air.

And I'm ready for it.
Nails painted. Hair cut. Library books read and returned. Getting back in the saddle and practicing piano again. Swimming suit purchased. Stroller out. John Mayer album broken in again. Legs shaved and detached from leggings. New batch of spring pickles made. Gmail inbox cleared. And shop stocked. I emptied a few shelves of my shop to make room for some new items I've been working on over the winter. It's time to give them a debut! If you have a second, please go check them out!

Item #1 The Ladies of Literature Quote Collection  Anne of Green Gables - Amy March - Laura Ingalls Wilder - Elizabeth Bennet 

A few fine words from my favorite leading ladies. This collection is comprised of 5 cheeky and insightful prints. Perfect for a gift to a sister or mom who read these remarkable characters with you. Available as a set or separately, in a 5x7 or 8x10.
Item #2 On The Up & Up 8x10 

Meaning 1: If you are on the up and up, you are making progress and doing well. Yay!
Meaning 2: If someone or something is on the up and up, they are legit, honest, and respectable. Yay!
Either way, a really rosy print for spring.
Item #3 Learn To Use Apostrophes 8x10

I'm a grammar girl at heart. This is good advice straight from my parents, who taught us well. Plurals and possessives are not the same thing.

Hope you enjoy the new spring shop items and please drop me a line if you are interested in customizing anything. I'm happy to tweak things to your taste. 


A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Summer...this post is fantastic! Yay for April!!! Yay for pickles! Yay for the wonderful new prints you came up with. I'm a huge fan of the Ladies of Literature and the grammar ones.

You definitely hit the nail on the head!!! Welcome Spring!

Anneliese said...

you are going to force me to decorate my home, aren't you?! i am counting my chickens before they hatch...birthday is coming up in a few days...i might just have to order some prints!! LOVE them.

Whitney Lane said...

As always, love your new designs!!!

Amanda said...

Oh, Summer, I absolutely love your new prints! Especially the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote and the apostrophe print. I'm a grammar girl, too!

marta said...

dear summer, have i told you lately how much i love your prints!?! they are absolutely fantastic. timeless. clever. and CUTE. seriously am guessing they took lots of work, they are beauties. congrats. i am swooning about your print shop. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How did you learn how to create these prints? I just got Photoshop for my birthday (!!) and would love to make my own. Or perhaps you could suggest a book for Photoshop in general!?

Thank you!



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