April 26, 2013

1. Documenting a birthday blizzard. Possibly a once in a lifetime experience.
2. Adding orange zest to these pancakes for extra awesomeness.
3. That our girl is old enough to have movie nights! She'll actually sit and watch a full flic. She's definitely my daughter.
4. Finding out that my instagram friends are also making dinner at 4 o'clock in the afternoon or earlier! I'm almost always chopping something as soon as Grant gets home from school.
5. Puffy post-nap eyes! Watching the blanket of white disappear. Again. Will this be the last time? For real? As fast as it fell on Monday, by the next day the snow was already sagging, and today there's green grass everywhere! and the promise of 70 and sunny over the weekend!
6. Tossing an alphabet salad. Her favorite letters are A, H, M, O, F, and X.
7. Michael Buble + Reese Witherspoon, doing this catchy little duet. 
8. Late night strawberries and chips+salsa with my man. Talking about mushy relationship stuff and loving it.
9. Cheering about the NFL draft last night. Anyone else watch it streaming live while folding laundry?
10. The last sweet stretch of April before the uproar of busy-ness in May.
11. Finishing this book. (Read the rest of the series first, please!)

Happy weekending, friends! What are your plans?




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Hello, I'm Summer. A people-loving introvert whose hope and life is in Jesus. His promises are my passion and my ministry is homelife. This blog is a place for me to write about everyday things. Especially food. My favorite thing to do is sit around a table, lingering over a long meal with good conversation. I live with my husband and our 2 littles. We like blizzards, thrifting, grammar, guacamole, cheerful hearts, nice manners, good movies, and making simple, real, nutrient-dense food.

"If Christ be anything, He must be everything."
-C.H. Spurgeon

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