May 13, 2013

Last Friday (May 10) marked 5 years of marriage for Grant and me! Isn't that unbelievable? I can easily remember blogging about our 6 month anniversary, and now we're entering our 6th year. Crazy! Of course, time flies when you're having fun. And clearly, I am.

I'm such a different person now than I was 5 years ago, and I often catch myself wondering what it was about me that made Grant sure I was the one for him. He really liked that immature teenager who slept with music on every night and didn't like cilantro and counted calories and complained a lot? That's amazing. I've grown by leaps and bounds since being Grant's wife and have become better suited to being a good companion for him. He has grown a lot too. But something back then convinced us both that we were perfect together. It's so mysterious, and can only be attributed to the grace of God.

I also think about all the little incidents that had to happen just right for us to ever even meet. If my friends from youth group didn't know about this certain summer camp out of the hundreds of camps in Minnesota, if they hadn't asked me to go with them the summer of 2006, if Grant hadn't been working there during the week that I came, if I never overheard his name from the girls in my cabin, if Facebook hadn't been invented yet, if I had never asked him to be my Facebook friend, if he had never initiated our penpal relationship while he was living in California and I was in Nebraska... and so on. Man! It's a miracle that we ended up together.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for our marriage. I love Grant, and everyday I am still amazed that this is all real... I live with a man, a super handsome and smart man, we're best friends, we serve each other, we share everything, and we're going to be together forever?! It's evidence it is that His plan and timing are immeasurably better than anything we can ask or imagine.


natalie pizzo said...

love the pictures, summer! thanks for sharing this with us all. what a pleasure! and, i made one of your soups today! the one with sausage, kale and squash. it hit the spot!

Haley Dick said...

So many great memories in those pictures!!

Eeny said...

such a sweet post.
happy anniversary.

Renee said...

loved each and every picture! happy anniversary...and here's to oh so many more! love you!

marta said...

such a fun walk down memory lane with you, summer! you truly are a magic pair. happy anni.

Amanda said...

Awww! You two are adorable! You look like such a fun, loving (fun-loving? :) couple! Happy anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary Summer! I'm still fairly new to your blog so it's fun to hear more about your relationship. Marriage, especially a good one, certainly is a gift of God's grace!

Mom Judy said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We thank God for you.



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