May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, mommies! 

What an awesome plan by our great God. I love that He designed moms and laid out how it's all going to work so beautifully. A mother. For each one of us. And I get to be one! Such a great grace from the Lord. I'm thankful to Him for giving me this gift, and thankful to my own mom, who shaped me. To Hadley, who made me a mom,  and to Judy, my wonderful mom by marriage, and to every mom who has helped me grow in grace and love Him better.

A couple years ago, before I became a mom, I wrote a few goals down on notecards- a few things that I wanted to strive to do when I became a mom.

Be gentle and patient.
Speak with a calm, matter-of-fact tone when I need to discipline.
Let your little ones see you pray.
Have a reputation for being cheery. 

They are good reminders to me today. And this year I'm adding Don't tune out. If you're a mom, I know you understand this. It's so easy to get distracted or sometimes even to want to be distracted. I pray the Lord will keep me passionate for mothering every day.


Linnea Castro said...

Happy mother's day, Summer!

nicole said...

gentle and patient...a great goal. a daily reminder. happy mom's day.



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