August 20, 2013
{The Calvin girls, but we're all married women now. None of us are Calvins anymore!} :)

Went to Nebraska for my little sister's wedding weekend!
Watched Chelsea become a wife and gained an awesome new brother.
Got to be a co-matron-of-honor with my also-pregnant twin sister. (due just 2 weeks after me!)
Saw my husband win the 3rd Annual Camp Shetek Maintenance Man Olympics.
Grant turned 30!!!!!!
Made an orange vanilla cake. I tweaked this recipe and it was weird. Next time I'll just follow the recipe.
Went to 2 more doctor appointments about Grant's eye.
Did a bunch of back to school shopping.
Washed Grant's entire teacher wardrobe.
Read a couple library books.
Grocery shopping. Lots. Because we haven't eaten from our own kitchen all summer.
Moved from camp back to our house in town!!
Bought gladiolas at the farmers' market for our homecoming.
Unpacked. Unpacked. Unpacked.
Sorted through baby/toddler clothing and cleaned out ALL THE CLOSETS.
Found out that our egg supplier we've loved over the past few years is getting out of the egg business. (Noooooo!) Working on finding a new source as I type this.
Made pickles.
Bought a bed! We've been sleeping on the floor for the past year!
Visited with family from California and celebrated more August birthdays.
Made it through another day with our water shut off by the city. (why is this so frequent???)
Went to the dentist and got a good report, although pregnancy makes my gums bleed like crazy.
Grew a nice 19-week baby bump!

Competitors in the 6-event MM Olympics this year. Grant was the victor. 
Cutest polka dot birthday cake made by Aunt Debbie. 
Grant demolishing the old Ford Escort for his 30th birthday. 


Amanda said...

It sounds like you have been crazy busy! But the great kind of busy that means your life is full of wonderful blessings :)



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