August 8, 2013
Summer camp probably isn't the place you think to go for a 4-star meal, but I'm proud to tell you that Camp Shetek has a reputation for amazing, amazing food. My mother-in-law is the head chef and she could orchestrate delicious meals and beautiful plates with her eyes closed. We're famous for our homemade breads, chicken alfredo lasagna, fried ice cream, and legendary Camp Granola.

I thought I'd try to tell you what all we've been eating this summer, we pretty much at the same meals on a rotation each week. But of course, we never got tired of them :) It's hard to get tired of food that someone else is making for you! So, here are some meal ideas from the Camp Shetek kitchen.

Egg Bake and Coffee Cake
Cornbread and bacon OR French Toast
Sausage biscuits
Breakfast Burritos
Cinnamon Rolls!

Spaghetti and garlic bread
Chicken Alfredo Lasagna
Roast Beef Dinner
Turkey Dinner
Baked Enchiladas
Homemade Pizza
Shepherd's Pie

Chicken Strips
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps
Sub Sandwiches
Hot Dogs and baked beans

For sides we ate a lot of fresh fruit and salads, homemade bread, veggies... and some dessert. :)

Mini Cheesecakes
Cookies: chocolate chip, snicker doodle, craisin crunch, outrageous chocolate chip
Better Than Ever Cake
Crackle Bars
Pumpkin Bars with cream cheese frosting
Monster Bars

So, we've been food spoiled lately and I've pretty much just eaten whatever this whole summer, especially during my first trimester. I'm sad that it's over (it was such a gift!), but also excited to get back into my own kitchen and eat the way we're used to :) 


Hannah said...

One of my favorite things to do is think about camp food when I'm deciding what to add to a menu or bring to a potluck. YUM. I miss Monday Pizzas!

twinsontherun said...

Wow, can I get one of everything on that menu?! That first trimester is a doozy and if you can even eat, all the better!
I would love to know what kind of toddler snacks you do. We have our rotation but sometimes it gets a little old: carrot and cucumber sticks, olives, homemade pickles, soaked granola, sprouted muffins, apple slices, raisins.

Laura said...

Chicken Alfredo lasagne sounds like heaven in a pan x

Cheryl said...




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