August 28, 2013
Here she is. The big girl. Rocking her Michelle Tanner ponytail, which is her signature hairstyle of late. 
(see? Michelle. Totally.)
I took that picture on our front sidewalk yesterday afternoon.
 Little did I know, hours later, we would retire her crib! 

Climbing down after her first night in the big bunk bed.

Grant built the cutest miniature ladder (with supports that slide under the mattress to keep it in place! I married such a smart, handy guy.) for her to climb up into the bottom bunk and even put a little touch light under the top bunk for nighttime reading. We've been storing the bunk bed in Hadley's room since she was born, just using as extra shelving, but last night it finally got some sleepage use. We were able to get a mattress that fits the bunk, so after dinner we threw on some freshly washed sheets, moved the crib over to the guest bedroom and we were ready to go! She has been playing on the bunk the past few days, ever since the ladder was built. She loves it up in there! 
It was a little confusing come bedtime, why was her crib in the other room? Why am I not going night-night in my crib? We chimed in with, "No- you don't need your crib anymore, you get to sleep here now!" There was a sad face of resignation for about half a minute, but after that she did great. She climbed up willingly and we sang our songs and prayed like usual, and she seemed to get the idea. She was very calm and somber about the whole affair, fighting back a tear or two but enjoying the songs and cuddling. It seemed like she was coaching herself, "Okay, I can do this." She blew us dignified goodnight kisses and stayed absolutely still under her blanket as we walked to the door. And that was the last we heard until morning! For such a little girl, I am realizing that she's awfully trustworthy. 

So, our crib is officially unoccupied. 
(cue tears)
I cannot wait for another baby to fill it! 


Anneliese said...

i've been loving all of these back at home posts! i can't believe miss H gets to move over to the bottom bunk! i LOVE bunk beds :)

marta said...

that tiny ladder. adorable. so cute!! what a good girl. and you know what, all these reminiscent posts are making me want to blog again.


Innocent Saqib said...

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