August 26, 2013

 Bam! 20 weeks into this pregnancy. The halfway point! It feels great to be this far in. I really don't want time to go fast because I'm enjoying being pregnant (2nd trimester bliss over here, totally), but I don't want it to go too slow, because I can't wait to know more about who this is inside me. I guess I'm just really content with the pace right now.

Baby #2, in August. 

Thoughts on the pregnancy so far...
-Cravings:  I haven't had a lot of cravings in either pregnancy, but had quite a few aversions in the beginning. (big hunks of meat and potatoes, stuff with a lot of black pepper, spicy foods, coconut oil) Cheesy, bready, carb-y things sounded good during my first trimester, so did iced tea. These days, nothing beats a fried egg. Also, a cold, sweet juicy musk melon. Mmmm. (And I'm so happy that coconut oil tastes good to me again!) 
-Kicks & Flips: This baby moves all the time! So much more than Hadley did. I am still amazed at how frequent and how strong the kicks and flips are. It's like every time I sit down, any time of day or night, there he/she is! 
-Aches & Pains: I'm still feeling pretty good and sleeping easily (thank you, Lord). The other day during a walk I noticed a little bit of sacrum pain. It's time for me to get another chiropractic adjustment, which will help. Also, I've started doing my prenatal Pilates dvd again, which feels so good.
-How it's the same as last time: The heartburn during the first trimester, although I remember it being at the end of my pregnancy with Hadley. Nose bleeds. Morning weakness. Clear skin. Bounced back to feeling pretty good around 12 weeks. A little water-logged after I take a drink. Really in the mood to read books, all the time. Overall feeling is very familiar. Same midwife, same chiropractor. 
-How it's different: Whole new set of name possibilities, for both boy and girl. Feeling the baby move way earlier and way more often. Not craving peanut butter at all this time. More tired. Getting bigger a lot faster- by nighttime I feel rather large, and I still have so much more growing to do! As for how I'm carrying, I can't tell if it's different or not, and I can't tell how much things are different just being a second pregnancy. Bought maternity jeans this time. No linea nigra yet. Taking probiotics daily and supplementing with cod liver oil and magnesium oil

And one of the biggest differences of all: it's a winter baby!! I'm so, so happy about this and so excited to try a whole new side of the calendar. Hadley was born in June and this baby will be born in January. (It won't be during camp season! YAY!!!!) I'm guessing that I'll love having the awesomeness of fall and the holidays building up to the arrival of this little one, and then once the baby comes, we'll probably be snowed in (because hey, it's Minnesota) so why not get cozy on the couch and nurse a newborn?! I'm always looking for a new assignment in January, some way to start fresh in the new year. I'd say having a new baby is about as fresh and as big an assignment as you can get. I'll definitely be snug and busy in our little house all winter long. I'm also really thankful that I've been able to get so much time in the sun during this pregnancy. There's nothing like vitamin D to make you (and the baby) feel extra good and healthy! Last time, I didn't find out I was pregnant until mid-October, and I hardly got any sun at all. 
Did any of you guys have January babies? Or maybe you are a January baby yourself?

(Just home from the farmers' market with our favorite treat.) 


Christina said...

My baby #4 was a January baby. January 3rd. (Also Tolkien's birthday.) Aside from having to meet our deductable twice, I LOVED being pregnant in the winter!

Debbie said...

My last baby was born on January 19th. We thought about her so much during the Christmas season we named her Carrie Noel. She is a wonderful person. I enjoyed nursing her thru the winter. My oldest was born in June and I liked that too. We have a child born in each season-my four seasons.

Hannah said...

I have TWO January babies. It's a good time to have babies. I have a June baby, too. (Also just had a baby in March. Can't forget #4.) You look about like I do at 8 weeks. ;)

twinsontherun said...

My first 2 are summer babies and this one is due in December..just a couple days before Christmas. I always said I'd never have a December baby, especially around Christmas because it would be so hard to celebrate it. Well, never say never! Knowing my luck she'll come right on Christmas!
You look great and I love the update!

nicole said...


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I'm a January baby (Jan 19th) and I like it because it spices up an otherwise boring month. Plus I'm born on MLK Jr. weekend, so I usually always had a day off school/work to celebrate. Plus he or she will be 11 months at Christmas and be able to enjoy all that that holiday has to offer.

Anonymous said...

This second pregnancy for me is different than the first (and the boys will only be 18 months apart - so I was just pregnant last year) in terms of movement. Night and day different.

First didn't seem to move much and this baby is all over the board. Course, with the first, my placenta was in the front of the uterus, so it was likely that it was just harder to feel movement.

But this baby? Never seems to stay still!

Nessa Bixler said...

So cute!!! Melon right now is so amazing. My 1st was a January baby and my second was June. Both were good - but I LOVED being so pregnant at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bumping the tree with my belly while decorating - perfect.

Alyssa Queen said...

I'm a January baby. I was born on the 16th so I always get a day near my birthday off for MLK day. It's a great mid-winter pick me up! Though I live in South Texas so our winters are much nicer, but still :) It will be great, congratulations!!

USHealthworksMilpitas said...

It's nice to know that you're considering chiropractic care for your pregnancy. Some of my friends told me that it's very helpful in reducing their body pains. I hope your adjustments will be successful. Congratulations on your new baby!

Laura Gardner said...

Summer, Where did you get those adorable shorts? I have been searching for some just like them to no avail!

summer said...

@Laura Gardner Thank you!! They're from Aeropostale last summer :)

Clara said...

I was born in June, and my brother was born in January! So there you go! We're only one year apart and get along super well. It's great when the age gap is not too big (at least - that's what I think!).

Best of luck with everything!

Novak Jim said...

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