September 4, 2013
The last drops of summer and the first tastes of fall. You can grill out, go barefoot, eat melon, make ice cream. Or, you can watch football, wear jeans, make chili, and drink pumpkin spice lattes. Really, anything goes in this month! This is why we love it so much, right? Two seasons at the same time. 

(zinnias in bloom in our neighborhood)

And me? I've got a good summery-fall mix going on. I've made soup and roasted sweet potatoes, eaten some apple crisp, and brought the crockpot up from the basement shelves. I'm ready for football and I'd probably indulge in a PSL from Starbucks, if there was one within 75 miles. But you'll still find me in shorts and a tank every afternoon, drinking iced tea, and more often than not- making this super easy blender ice cream for our afternoon snack. If you're still in the ice cream state of mind (if it's still 80 degrees or hotter where you live), here's how we've been whipping up something frozen really fast:

Chocolate PB Banana 
Blender "Ice Cream"

1 ripe frozen banana per person who wants ice cream
1 or 2 big spoonfuls of peanut butter (or almond butter)
splash of almond milk, regular milk, or coconut milk
sprinkle of sea salt
1 scant teaspoon of cocoa per banana used (too much cocoa and it will get bitter!)
dash of pure vanilla extract

Pulse just until frozen bananas are blended. You want it to stay thick. 
Or, blend until runny and pour into a glass for a milkshake. 

This is Hadley's first "ice cream" experience. She lovvvves it! And of course, something about ice cream makes you want a glass of water when you're all done. 

Where are you guys at in your summer/fall transition? Are you enjoying the best bits of both seasons?


Lori! said...

Just a heads up, SMSU in Marshall now has a Starbucks! It's located in the Student Center. Not sure on the hours.



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