September 6, 2013
1. Feeling swollen with baby each night, while we sit on the couch and eat our snack. Getting off the couch is taking a little more effort these days.  
2. Rediscovering the pretty prettiness of Tastespotting, (I have been hopping over there to browse recipes this week) and submitting a few of my own recipes to the visual potluck. 
3. Hadley's crazy nice naps. All summer, this girl has been sleeping about 2 1/2 hours every afternoon!!
4. Chrystal Smith's beautiful blog! Full of recipes that are gluten, dairy, and funky-ingredient free. :)
5. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Hercules on Netflix. 
6. Football season: started! I can't wait for Sunday games! 
7. Scrolling through our photo stream in iPhoto and finding old pictures of Hadley. Like these from summer 2012:
Oh my. You're telling me she was this cute?!! My pregnancy hormones are raging. I cannot cannot wait for another little one growing up in our house- being this cute! I feel like the Lord has been showing me this week especially how ready I am for another one. As we rolled back into our normal routine with school and regular life, I can easily see the space that this new baby will fill. 
8. This recipe for sour watermelon gummies from meatified. I have been wanting to try homemade gummies for about a year now and just haven't bought the grass-fed gelatin to do it. I have a huge weakness for gummy candy. 
9. Walking to the farmers' market yesterday and finding the first winter squash waiting for us! I bought a bunch of delicata- my favorite kind.
10. Getting together with girl friends. Who are moms. It's such a refreshing time. 
11. The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music playlist on Spotify. Grant plays this one in his classroom. 
12. Posted on my fridge this week:

This short list of admirable goals comes straight from (fictional) Katy's diary Stepping Heavenward. I re-read this book (for probably the 6th time) over the summer and loved Katy all over again. I benefit so much from the godly and womanly wisdom offered in this extremely candid and relatable diary. 

Katy deals with real life questions and experiences in her diary: Do I love the Lord, or no? Why are things always hindering me in getting near to Christ? Am I growing in my walk with Him because of these trials? Will I ever learn to behave better? Can I give my baby to Him joyfully? Can I learn to trust my husband, and will he ever understand me? 
The language is wonderful and the heart revealed is humble and beautiful. 

I know I've talked about this book before (sorry!), but I will keep on recommending it as long as it does me good! Read it and you will be entertained, convicted, sympathized with, and encouraged. 


twinsontherun said...

Isn't life great!
I would do a cartwheel if my 2 little ones took two hr naps!
You should totally spring for the grassfed gelatin. I can't believe how much I use mine. I've made jello and gummies but I also add it to soups and such. Such a great purchase!

Renee said...

hadley just keeps getting cuter! great reminders as well, from Stepping Heavenward! I was reading the other day, about gentleness (in the same family as humility!) and how we don't pray for the grace of gentleness (or very rarely), and, seldom, do we reflect that to NOT be gentle is sin...convicting words! I can see Katy praying for gentleness.."mildness in dealing with others", "displays a sensitive regard for others and is careful never to be unfeeling for the right s of others." Asking for God's strength to be truly "gentle".



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