September 23, 2013

Just a quick pop-in post! Major appleing going on over here today. Peeling, slicing, cider-ing, lemon water dipping, and flash freezing since 7:45 this morning. My house smells like Christmas, you guys. Come over!! Also, very importantly, we are putting together a Mickey puzzle. Over and over. Some of my favorite moments of being here with Hadley are when I get to watch her work so quietly and intent on something. She's so focused when she's building a tower, or making a "soup", or balancing a wooden chocolate chip cookie on a play spatula. I broke out this Mickey puzzle earlier today when we (I) needed to just sit down for a little while. I'm loving this age so much! And I'm so wiped today! In a happy way. Keeping up with Hadley and doing kitchen projects... I can't imagine a better day.

By the way... HAPPY FALL! It's really, truly here! I'm off to go enjoy it now. Be back soon (tomorrow) with lots more fall-y posts and recipes to tell you about, including my first ever baked oatmeal, chicken chili re-visited, homemade apple cider in a crockpot, how to freeze apples, and Grandma Marian's apple crisp.. now made with a gluten and dairy free variation. :)


Sarah said...

I am really looking forward to all of your autumny posts! I just get really excited this time of year!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What are you making with the apple rings? Looks yummy!



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