September 20, 2013
I realize these "This week I like" posts don't contain any novel material. They're mostly for my own sake; so I can look back and know what was going on this week in our life.. what we were eating, listening to, thinking about, making, and really "into" back then. So, now for more photos of food and kids, and of course, a list...

1. Bath time with cousins.
2. Seeing the Lord provide, daily. And with every meal that goes on our table. I praise Him for that!
3. The new iTunes Radio and iOS7. I think I'm going to be using iTunes radio a lot
4. Chats with my mom and sister.
5. Cookies that make the house smell devastatingly good.
6. The first pot of chili... which was actually made in a cast iron skillet. 
7. Splurge food: carrot cake, cookies, grilled cheese at a cafe, and a Five Guys cheeseburger. I'm thankful that gluten doesn't seem bother me while I'm pregnant. These hormones change everything, you guys!!
8. A fun prenatal appointment and healthy 24-weeks-along baby. 
9. Having someone check in with me to make sure I am taking naps. Ha! But secretly I feel so good these days that a middle-of-the-day nap is hard. I love to use that time to be working on something. Ask me again in February when I have a newborn, please.
10. A long drive, which means time to do nothing but talk with Grant.
11. Thinking about baby names.
12. Homemade salsa.
13. One last (??) 80-degree day for wearing a tank top.
14. Cute hand-me-downs and yummy food gifts (raspberry noosa, a brick of raw milk cheddar, a loaf of sprouted wheat bread, Rick Bayless's lime tortilla chips, homemade cookies, guacamole hummus, and strawberry coconut kefir) from my sweet, generous mom. She always comes loaded with presents!!
15. Haircuts in my living room. Thanks, Haley!
16. New favorites from The Family Flavor... Braised Chicken with Mushrooms & Red Onion and Pecan Shortbread Bars. 
17. Ordering MORE 50 Promises to keep the shop stocked for you guys! Thank you for continuing to snatch them up!!
18. Getting a snarky comment about me/my blog and hearing Grant's response to it. He teaches me to care about things that matter. 
19. This quote: "Devoting a life to material comforts and thrills is like throwing money down a rat hole. For the Lord has spoken: It is more blessed to love than to live in luxury!" John Piper

20. Speaking of love.. love all of you guys. Have a great weekend!


Laura Railing said...

ooh is that yogurt any good? I've been meaning to try it! love the cousin bath time pictures! cuteness!!
I am learning to appreciate the beauty of all our needs *not* being met, because as satisfying as it feels to not need to rely on God and have all our needs met, it produces a great revealing of God's goodness and blessing we would have otherwise missed out on. Also? LOVING the quote from John Piper. SO so good.

Chiara said...

How could anyone leave a snarky comment on your blog? It is nothing but lovely, I have not commented in a while, but still read every word avidly. I got Stepping Heavenward and can't wait to start reading it! Also, is the recipe for those wonderful cookies already on your blog somewhere or are you going to post it (please do!)?
Have a great weekend!

twinsontherun said...

Sounds like you've been having fun!
I have to mention again..I'm so excited to be pregnant with you this time around, too! 27 weeks for me :)

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Summer, I love these posts. After a hard day, I look to your posts for inspiration and encouragement. Our lives are beautiful when we focus on all of the little things going on around us--hence my love for your blog.

Even if these posts are for you, I personally find them to be just what I need after a long day. :)

Happy weekend!

Laura Murphy said...

How could you get a snarky comment? I love your blog. Ahhh well someone was just having a bad day. Thanks for all your lovely, encouraging words.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love these posts!

Amanda said...

Your photos are so dreamy, Summer!



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