November 21, 2013

Hi friends! The Show And Tell shop is stocked and open for Christmastime! This year I'm offering my cheery modern Have A Cup of Cheer print again, and I've added a few different color options. It was the most popular item from my shop last year and was featured over here on the Creature Comforts blog. At only $10, it makes an inexpensive and unique gift, but it's also "an affordable way to bring a touch of non-traditional whimsy into your home for the holidays." I actually keep mine hanging in my kitchen all year round, because it just looks so jolly. 

I'm also putting The 50 Promises memory cards on the shop shelves-- and they're on sale! I was given a discount deal on my last inventory order of Promises, so I want to pass that on to you guys. Merry Christmas! While supplies last, The 50 Promises card collection will be 10% off! So the new price is $13.50. I'm well stocked right now, because several of you have mentioned that you're hoping to give these away or use them as stocking stuffers. But please grab them soon, because they always go fast! 

All orders will be received immediately, so you can start placing them right away. And here's the scoop on shipping: any orders of The 50 Promises will start shipping today, and orders containing Christmas prints will start shipping the week of December 1st. 


Edited to add: I don't know why Big Cartel has their carts set up the way they do, and I know some have had problems with it in the past. If you want to increase the quantity of items in your order (like ordering 2 sets of 50 Promises), you have to go back to the home shop page and add it to your cart again. So sorry! I wish I could set it up differently. Please, if you guys run into any issues with the cart over there, shoot me an email so I can look into it and help you figure it out!

Hope you have a great Thurs! Ours is off to a blustery start, with newspapers blowing around the street outside our house and leaves smacking our windows. The snow is supposed to start falling around lunchtime! We cannot wait. Better go make some cocoa in preparation. And in the meantime, I will start packing up your Christmas orders!

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Lori! said...

I hope you bring back your gift tags - they were super cute!

G said...

Hello Summer! I love the "Have a cup of cheer" print. However, you currently do not ship to Canada. Any idea if you will be in the near future? (The print would be the perfect Christmas gift for a friend). Thank you!

summer said...

Oh, Thanks, Lori! I really wanted to, but figured there are so many printable gift tags out there now, that people might not be interested??

summer said...

Hi G,
So sorry about that. They are all set up with Canadian shipping now! :)

G said...

Thank you so much!

Laura Murphy said...

Oh Summer you are so creative. And all while growing a baby! Hmmmm maybe I can trade you spices for 50 Promises. I have an amazing co-op in my town. Everything is fresh, cheap and you can buy the amount you want.

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