December 19, 2013

| 1. We've been enjoying such a gorgeous white Christmas this year. It's been awesome. | 2. I love every corner of my house right now. And some nice student of Grant's gave us a glittery poinsettia! | 3. Hadley has been busy painting a lot of snowmen lately. They're her favorite. | 4. Gifts are (almost) all wrapped! And The Family Stone has been watched. | 5. I had some leftover melted chocolate from the crispy peanut butter balls, so I decided to dip some clementine slices. mmmm. | 6. I can't get enough of the sight of our living room, lit by the tree. Lots of cozy nights around here lately. We're so thankful that Daddy isn't coaching basketball this year! And also very glad that his principal's license program is turning out to be a do-able workload. He always makes times for his girls- no matter what. | 7. Probably the last of the Christmas orders has been dashed to the post office. Thank you all for such a tremendous turn out this holiday season in my shop. Thank you, thank you. |

When I was little (and even not so little) my dad would stuff my stocking with those break-apart chocolate oranges. I loved them so much, and still do. These chocolate covered clementines gave me a little taste of my childhood.


Laura said...

Mmmmm. Yes! I love those chocolate oranges! :)

Laura Murphy said...

Such pretty pics!

Here goes for the baby-name post:



Christina said...

Your posts are always such delicious eye candy. The last week-and-a-half have been in-SANE, but this week looks very promising for cozy Christmasing around here. I just have to knit like mad to get the gifts done in time. :)



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