December 2, 2013
Hey everyone, how was your holiday?! Ours was spent road-tripping to Omaha, preparing a ginormous turkey feast with a huge group of family and friends, watching my nephew take his first steps, successful and totally non-chaotic Black Friday shopping with a leisurely breakfast break, Pictionary, Password, banana pancakes, pumpkin cheesecake, pizza with mushrooms, lots of chatting, a real glazed donut (haven't indulged on one of those guilty pleasures in a lonnnng time) and trimming the infamous giant Christmas tree with 1,200 tricky lights.

Black Friday morning with my mom and twin sister! The most fun morning of the year, every year.
Two pairs of pregnant propped feet (Haley's and mine) while we watched our guys trim the tree.

We got home from Nebraska late Saturday night with curry-stuffed bellies, possibly a boy AND a girl name picked out for this baby, and a carload of Christmas gifts, Trader Joe's shelf staples, orange-clove candles from Target, clementines, and clothes from my mom and sisters' closets. I love when they let me rifle through their stuff! (Thanks, you guys!) Back at home, we're decking the halls and diving into Christmas head first. Since Thanksgiving was so late this year, it feels like we can't afford to lose one minute of precious December. 

Me and my babies camped out on the couch watching The Polar Express. 
(I'm hard to miss-- the one with the 35 week polka-dotted belly.)
 Hadley helping Daddy set up the tree. 
The first night of advent- spent with Daddy's guitar, dancing around the living room, and singing O Come O Come Emmanuel, and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (possibly my favorite carol). 

How are you kicking off December today? I hope it's very very merry.
I'm planning on some egg nog and cyber Monday gift shopping in a little bit here. 


Christina said...

Lovely! I'm kicking off December with chai tea, doing a tiny bit of on-line shopping, hanging Christmas stockings, making pretties like crazy for a holiday craft fair I'm vending at on Saturday, and watching the weird weather (snow AND sun at the same time as I type--Montana weather is just bizarre).

Amy said...

I can always count on your holiday posts to spread the cheer! My December is beginning with warm cranberry orange bread, turkey stock on the stove, big snowflakes falling outside, trimming the tree, and taking advantage of cyber Monday - to make my first maternity purchases! Love this time of year.

Hannah M. said...

Wow do we have so much in common! I just found your blog from Rachel Lassen's pinterest, it's been so fun reading it! "It came upon a midnight clear" is probably my favorite carol too! On top of that, I have struggled with food allergies the last few years and have been working on that(gluten, dairy, etc), I had to take antibiotics in January after wisdom teeth removal and that messed me up even worse than before so I am currently working on reversing the adverse affects of that, and I love pretty much anything natural! Anyways, I hope labor, delivery, and recovery goes well for you and that your new baby is healthy as can be!



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