November 27, 2013

Wishing you a sweet Thanksgiving with your family and friends, guys! It's nice and gray and frosty here today, and all I can think about is loading up the car and getting the holiday started. Today we leave for Thanksgiving in Nebraska with my side of the family. I cannot wait to get there! Talking, eating, shopping, hanging up the stockings, and being home for the holidays; what more could I ask for? This year I'm making the green bean casserole and bringing the ingredients for Grant to make this incredible sweet and spicy kettle corn that he's been perfecting. While we're on the road, we'll probably talk about baby names and I have plans to finally start reading a birth book. I'm currently in the middle of week 34 with this babe and feeling both excited and nervous to be approaching the end/beginning.

SHOP NOTE: any orders placed in my shop over the Thanksgiving holiday will be shipped out Monday, December 2nd!

Hadley and I made a Thanksgiving garland last week, based on Casey's cute one. We didn't have pinecones and I wasn't brave enough to introduce glitter to my 2-year-old yet, but it was still fun to make. All I did was gather up some construction paper colors I liked, cut up the paper into feathers and strung them on some white string. If Hadley were old enough to express her gratitude with more than just "Tay!" (Thanks!) we could have written out some things we are thankful for and added them to the garland too. :)

This year on Thanksgiving, I'm especially grateful to the Lord for some simple (huge) things.
a. this new life inside of me
b. new life in Christ
c. a steadfast, sweet, and smart husband
d. healing
e. food on our table and bodies that can enjoy it
f. a daughter to nurture and be my faithful little companion
g. a warm house and clothes on our backs
h. our car that got us to and fro throughout another year
i. family and friends to fellowship with
j. peaceful days
k. opportunities for growth
l. having enough, and then some

Thank you, Lord!




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"If Christ be anything, He must be everything."
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