January 3, 2014

So I don't forget what happened over Christmas Break this year, here are a few of the details...

-The Harms Farm sold. We all gathered in for one last night, one last walk-through, one last game of fumble-rooski.
-We celebrated our own little family Christmas on Christmas Adam. The morning began with warm blueberry muffins, the night ended with singing and gifts around the tree. 
-Some of Hadley's favorite gifts this year: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, a tea set, tiny farm animals, and a Curious George Memory game.
-We caroled on a school bus with the whole Harms family on one of the coldest nights of the year.
-Christmas Eve was spent at camp with the Harmses, where we ate tacos, watched a blizzard roll in, and the siblings performed a newly-written "Steve's Favorite Things" song for their dad.
-We woke up early on a blustery-snowy white Christmas morning and headed down to Nebraska.
-We discovered a new board game called Wits & Wagers with my side of the family, Hadley got to play with her cousin Davis, and Haley and I compared baby bellies. 
-We stayed up late talking, ate Valentino's pizza, nursed some swollen pregnant ankles, and Haley and I slipped away for some sister time at Target. 
-We came home. We unpacked. We sorted toys. We cleaned. We got out the baby car seat. We laundered. We visited the chiropractor. We gathered onesies and blankets. We cleaned bathrooms. We basically got majorly baby-ready. 
-Grant made 2 video productions and got to pick out a hand gun with his dad and brothers.
-Hadley had several tea parties and ate about 87 clementines.
-And I made a bunch of lists about baby things, bought a new swaddle and pacifier, and made some of our favorite things to eat, including french toast and chips and guacamole.


Chicago Girl said...

Sounds like an amazing holiday! Happy New Year!

Shan Salas said...

Now I understand why you won’t forget the things that happened on your Christmas break. You accomplished a lot of good things, like selling the Harms farm, having an amazing camp, and so much more. Even if there’s a downside due to swollen ankles, it still an amazing experience. It’s a good thing that there is a chiropractor’s clinic open even during the holidays.

Shan @ BrandonChiropractor.net



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