February 19, 2014

Casper's life right now:
Eating, sleeping, hiccuping (all the time!), making fists, flapping his arms around, outgrowing all of his newborn clothes (he's so long!), not hating diaper changes as much, trying to look around and keep his head up, recognizing Mommy more, always wanting to be bounced on the ball, liking white noise, the sound of the vacuum and running bath water, only waking up twice during the night usually, and melting me with a few surprise smiles each day. He's so awesome!

We've been giving him probiotics daily and can really tell that they have an effect on his digestion- in a great way. Good digestion means good sleep! Hadley didn't take naps until she was a few months old- her tummy was so uncomfortable all day long that sleep was hard for her- but Casper will take long naps during the day (especially if he's swaddled) and then is ready for nighttime sleep around 8. We usually sit on the couch and hangout/nurse every evening after dinner. He's either nestled in my arms or perched on my bent legs while we watch the Olympics. These are the days I dreamed of starting way back in June!

Life as a family of 4 has been incredible already. Casper fits right in and it's so fun to see Grant being a dad to two. Hadley is such a sweet sister, always wanting to know where Casper is as soon as she wakes up, talking to him, giving him kisses and laughing at his hiccups, bringing Mommy the ball when it's time to bounce him, and making sure she tells him goodnight. She also has a sudden interest in being swaddled again, because she wants to be just like her baby brother :)


Christina said...

Aw. I MISS those snuggley newborn days.

April said...

I've got a 3 week old son with tummy troubles. Can you tell me more about the probiotics you've been using?


Katherine said...

I think probiotics should be standard for all new babies! We didn't sleep for the first 10 months until I literally was concerned for my health. Probiotics helped a ton. So glad to hear things are going smoothly!

A Place to Reside said...

Casper is such a cutie, and Hadley looks so much like you in that second photo! :)

Jaqui said...

Could you tell me more about the probiotic your using and how your using it. Thanks!:)

Kelly said...

He is so precious! I just love those first few weeks, such a sweet time.

Meg said...

I would also love to hear about which probiotic you are using. I've just started one with my 6 month old because he spits up sooo much and isn't gaining weight. The doc recommended one called biogaia but it's pricy. I'd love to hear more of your mama wisdom on this one. Your little guy is so darling!! I'm glad you guys are enjoying this sweet time.



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