March 8, 2014

A mish-mash of what we've been up to lately. Mostly for my own record-keeping and remembering. :)

1 | This year Grant got me the expensive jar of pickles for Valentine's Day! They're amazing. Since we have a brand new baby this year, we opted for a simple stay-at-home Valentine's. I made our favorite new dinner and we rented a movie that turned out to be less than awesome (it was The Butler).
2 | A snowy window and Hadley playing with her tiny farm animals and tractor. Yesterday she asked me to go outside... sorry, babe. It's still blizzarding. (I wasn't sure she'd even remember playing outside. It's been that long.)
3 | Hadley goes potty in her little frog now! Something clicked for her in the middle of February and now she's wearing Minnie Mouse undies. Yay!
4 | Measuring her baby's height. She got this idea from a movie, she's in this stage where she loves to mimic everything she sees happening in the movie- the food they eat, the words they say, the way they dance. Right now her favorites are The Emperor's New Groove and The Incredibles.
5 | Banana bread cooling. Other favorite snacks lately: apples and almond butter, clementines, chips and salsa, daddy's sweet and spicy kettle corn, coconut milk ice cream, and these oatmeal cookies.
6 | Casper asleep in his favorite spot (and mine). He has been laughing in his sleep sometimes lately! It's the best.
7 | Hadley fell and knocked her forehead on an end-table. Poor thing! That goose egg was pretty huge. But she was a trooper, especially once I brought her a clementine.
8 | Grant did my hair :) It's getting crazy long.
9 | Dandy Blend = my new favorite tea/coffee. I've been drinking this daily all winter. So yummy.
10 | The anatomy of a nursing spot. My corner of the couch is pretty cozy and lived-in.
11 | Daddy-daughter juice making team. They are the pros around here. Our typical juice blend: cucumbers, celery, carrots, cilantro, radishes, an orange, an apple, chia seeds.
12 | A happy Casper. This is the spot where most of his smiles and "talking" happens.
13 | Still loving this southwest chicken and cilantro lime rice meal. Like, a lot.
14 | You know you live in a small town when you buy everything on Amazon. Everything! Even toilet paper. ;) (the teeny grocery store here in town is expensive!)
15 | Hadley and 1-week old Casper.
16 | Hadley and 6-week old Casper! Getting nice and solid/squishy :)                                                                                      


Anneliese said...

mish mosh posts are the best.

Hannah said...

Just curious, but how do you juice chia seeds? Do you soak them in water first? Our go to juice this week was apple, carrot, and kale!

Laura said...

So lovely! I like these kind of posts. :) That baby is growing fast!! And Winnie the Pooh... :)

kristin said...

ooooh!! i think that you should keep up the 15 & 16 pics of your sweet two for a bit longer. like a monthly update. the two of them being measured together (especially fun since they are both growing, just at different rates!).

loved this post!

A Place to Reside said...

What big, little 'uns! Going potty - I wish we could get my nephew to do the same. I know my big sis would love that. :)

The Chapmans said...

Hey Summer! I'm curious about your verdict on The Butler--I watched it and had my reservations too but would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Lauren Eland said...

I felt the same after watching the Butler! Totally letdown.



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