April 24, 2014

As I start out on a new year, I’m loving these radical thoughts: 

If death were the end of the matter, what makes sense is middle-class moderation to maximize earthly pleasures. But it's not! Does the hope of the resurrection shape my life? Do I make decisions on the basis of gain in this world or gain in the next? Do I take risks for love’s sake that can only be explained as wise if there is a resurrection? — paraphrased from the Solid Joys app

I'm guilty of putting comfort as my priority so terribly often. I want my life to be more than this. More than maximizing earthly pleasures. I'm praying that my deepest delight will be found in Him- in loving Him, keeping His commands, and living like Jesus did.

Some birthday pics with my babies! Ohhh, their little faces. This is true life. And I love it. I'm keeping these forever and ever!

And a couple pics from the night time celebration with Daddy and cake and presents. Grant had class that night, but we still snuck in a quick candle-lighting before the kids went to bed. (Not pictured is the ice cream I ate after the kids were asleep.) And Hadley sang Happy Birthday to me all by herself!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

may your new year ahead be blessed in glorious ways. xoxo.



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"If Christ be anything, He must be everything."
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