May 16, 2014

My sweet, smiley Casper is 4 months old. And all of a sudden we are starting to play. And, this is huge: he's more interested in the ground. He's been laying on it for long stretches (if I'm with him) and standing on it with my help. He's learning how to hold toys and trying to roll over, too. Not a huge fan of being on his tummy yet. He also seems super interested in his sister. He's constantly watching her and laughs the hardest when it's right in her face. The other day when Hadley started crying, he was watching her so intently and then his own lips started pouting and quivering. It was so precious! I have to remind Hadley to give him space, because she loves to come bounding up and smother him with kisses, hugs, head pats, and her crazy (but awesome) hair. Every morning this week we've been turning on some music and camping out in Hadley's room (because she has carpet) and he'll just watch Hadley and I throw the ball and do puzzles for a little bit. Then he's ready for us to talk to him and sing and make noises and read books above his head. Also, he's teething. Oh, Lord help us get these teeth out without too much trouble! :)

The first 3 months, the "4th trimester" as some say, seems like a really real thing for him, because the 4-month mark hit and it's like we immediately said goodbye to the newborn stage. And hello to drool, a new exersaucer, and bigger smiles and laughs. He still loves to be swaddled and bounced on the exercise ball though, and wakes up in the night, and occasionally spits up, and takes the longest naps on mommy's lap. So, he's still my baby :)


ladylyn said...

Goodness! Look at that smile! He's sooooo cute that I feel like I should congratulate you all over again. :) Four months always seemed like a huge milestone for us too.

Donya said...

What a cutie he is!! Stripes are the best thing to happen to baby boy clothes, seriously. & that admiration of the older sibling! Isn't that just the best? Love it.

Annabelle said...

Love these pics! Casper is so handsome!



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