May 12, 2014

On Saturday, Grant and I celebrated 6 years as husband and wife! Praise the Lord! The day before, we received some old camp pictures from a sweet friend (who actually took this picture of us! Thank you, Kait!) and it led to us re-hashing sweet memories and re-connecting the dots of how we got together. We were amazed at how many people the Lord used to bring us together. So many tiny, intricate details that built our camp-launched connection and so many great camp friends to thank for their part in our story! (Which will continue. I know, I'm so late in writing more of it! I've been feeling really guilty about it lately, seriously. You have no idea!) Basically, I'm still marveling over it all. God is so good and His plan, so unexpected.

(above) This is one of Grant's favorite pictures of us. :)

And here are a few tidbits about our marriage, because I want to remember these little things.
  • The first thing we say when we walk in the door of our house is almost always, "I need some water!" We must be thirsty people. (and Grant might add, "Agua, por some-more.")
  • John Mayer Continuum is currently back in our car. We like to resurrect music from our past.
  • Grant often prays as we're backing out of the driveway.
  • We Amazon shop a lot.
  • And yet we both desire to live so simply. :)
  • After the kids go to bed, we try to get stuff done quick and then crash on the couch to talk, watch Jimmy Fallon videos, and eat apples and almond butter.
  • It's not uncommon for us to jokingly (but seriously) ask each other, "What are your hopes and desires and dreams for the day?" translation: What's on your to-do list?
  • We both wish we could re-experience our American History classes.
  • We both wish Chipotle and Target weren't 2 hours away.
  • We don't currently have a "hobby" together -- we have babies. :)
  • One way we serve each other lately is taking turns holding Casper or diaper-changing while the other person gets something done.
  • He dreams big and I am easily intrigued.
  • It's not uncommon for us to spend an evening looking at plane tickets and dreaming of going to sunny places.
  • It's also not uncommon for us to wish for more snow and blizzards.
  • John Piper has brought us closer together.
  • Least favorites: wasted time, dumb movies, late nights, complaining.
  • Most favorites: the sun, a good mix of work and play, growing closer, becoming better at something, finishing to-do lists, traveling, experiencing God's faithfulness.
  • Things we don't: keep secrets (surprises) from each other very well, go on dates regularly, let our calendar get too packed.
  • Things we do: want to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disney World, enjoy simple, well-designed things, eat a lot of chips and salsa/guac.
  • Going to bed at the same time is a routine that's important to us.
  • Grant thrives on having someone to lead and take care of. I thrive on nurturing my people and having someone to defer to.
  • Arrested Development and Parks & Rec jokes abound at our house.
  • He's clever and innovative and full of thoughts. And I've got a good memory and am always ready with a question or perspective. Together we make great conversations.
  • We talk about things that matter on a daily basis. (Jesus, relationships, feelings, struggles, sins.)
  • We like to analyze and ponder God's Word and work together.
  • I thank Him for this. For all of this!


Whitney Lane said...

This is so beautiful, Summer! Happy anniversary!!!

Amanda said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Molly said...

Hi Summer! The photos (esp. Grant's favorite!) are so sweet, and I LOVE your list. You two sound like the neatest people! Happy anniversary xoxo



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