June 23, 2014

-- Here are a few pics from Hadley's very first summer at camp. 
(she moved out to camp when she was 8 days old and we were there through her first 2 months!)-- 

Awww! Remember when she looked like that? My sweet, energetic, imaginative girl is 3 years old now! She had a birthday last Monday. Her gifts this year were some new puzzles and a balance bike!

I can hardly make the connection between these precious pics of a tiny human I was just getting to know and the little girl-lady Hadley is today. We know every nook and cranny of her 3 year old character now. She's an enthusiastic greeter (shaking hands with everyone at church) with her own language and a huge imagination. She loves to run up and say hi to everyone she sees while shouting their name, whether they really exist or not. (Mom! Dad! Grandma! Mickey! Sophia! Tinkerbell!) She always acts like it has been ages since she has seen you. She's also a skilled actress and doer of puzzles. She's got a great memory and a deep love for her baby brother, wearing sunglasses, chips and salsa or guacamole, and fruit of all kinds. This summer she's a busy little camp-wanderer and just discovered somersaults and Sophia the First. A few of her numerous interests are books, capital letters, mail boxes, traffic lights and stop signs, animals, gardens, all kinds of produce at the grocery store, balls, babies, flowers, lotion, and anything at a desk or in a kitchen. Some of her current catch phrases are:

"Pixie dust, away!"
"Mom? I need... hmm... let me think..."
"Ohh, so nice!"
"Chap-oss!" (Casper)
"Uh-oh, I gotta go potty."
"I so much!" (I missed you so much!)
"Mom, can I have have apple ee peanut bubba?" 
"Sing Jesus Wuve Me So"

She's the best! I love her.


twinsontherun said...

Oh my goodness, that pose where she's standing next to you!! She is DARLING!
I'm going through all the emotions of having my twins turn 3 in just 2 weeks. These little people are so much fun with their personalities!

Molly said...

Hi Summer! Golly, this is insanely sweet! What a darling gal. The photos are precious and her catch phrases sublime. Happy birthday, Hadley! She sounds SO sweet. xo

Ang said...

what a cutie pie! I remember that last picture you posted from her first summer at camp - and I remember first bumping into your blog right around when you announced being pregnant with her!

happy (belated) birthday to your sweet baby girl - my girls are 2.5 now, so it's always been fun to read up on what Hadley's up to and sort of have a preview of what type of things to expect from my girlies next. :)



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