March 16, 2009
here's where i tell all.
being a homemaker. what it's really like. 
what i've learned. what i do.
85 things from my first 10 months on the job.
i have a full-time job.
i am grant's helper.
i play house. but it's for real.
i plan a weekly menu.
i have a daily cleaning routine.
i make sure that the house looks nice. presentable.
i make sure that it's a home.
i make sure that it's the place where grant can relax.
i make a daily to-to list.
i keep things neat. i put things away. this makes me happy.
i have the freedom to search for my style.
i decorate. i rearrange.
i dream. i plan. i design.
i manage the laundry.
i make the bed.
i organize the closets.
i make grocery lists.
i make up recipes.
i work my magic on the collars of grant's shirts.
i know what the needs of my household are.
i discover what foods freeze well.
i keep track of what needs to be used up or thrown out.
i am perfecting french toast.
i scrub sinks. toilets. the tub.
i sweep & mop.
i dust.
i cook. 
i bake.
i figure out what kind of side dish would go with quesadillas.
i wash sheets & pillowcases.
i sort. fold. & put away.
i do windows & mirrors.
i experiment with homemade mashed potatoes.
i do dishes.
i will be overjoyed to have a dishwasher someday.
i shovel snow.
i get the mail.
i run errands.
i watch for good sales.
i make grant's lunches.
i make grant cookies.
i can be at work without a commute.
i can listen to whatever music i'd like. and turn it up.
i can look forward to mondays, instead of dreading them.
i can eat lunch when i'm hungry, 
instead of when someone comes to cover for me.
i can be my own self.
i can do things that make sense & are worthy of my time.
i can do things that are fulfilling. things i enjoy. things i can be proud of.
i don't ever worry about not having enough work to fill my day.
i can find a new recipe & get all the ingredients to try it. i live for this.
i collect pictures of kitchens & bedrooms & store them in a pink folder.
or on google docs.
i tell grant what features we should include in the house we're building.
in our dreams.
i vacuum right before grant gets home.
because that makes the house look perf.
i light candles.
i write little notes.
i sometimes wear sweats.
i sometimes wear dresses.
i wear whatever grant says looks nice.
i am ready to welcome him home when he comes in the door.
i ask about his day at work. 
i have time to reply to emails.
i have time to watch grant coach basketball.
i have time to make my own bread.
i have time to get enough sleep.
i have time to go for a walk if it's nice outside.
i have time to take on projects.
i have time to do research.
i have time to workout.
i have time to devote to grant. to hang out with him.
to sit & be his companion.
i have time to write a blog.
i have time to think about other people.
i have time to read my bible.
i have time to memorize verses.
i have time to pray.
i can put these things on my to-do list.
because i can decide what my priorities are. not my boss.
i am never bored.
i am free. i am fulfilled.
this is my domain, my sphere, the place where i belong.
the place where i grow & thrive & flourish.
i am created for this.
i was born with a desire to make a home.
10 months. wow.
time flies when you love your job.
these have been the best months.
and that's what it's really like.


Kelli said...

Sounds like a GREAT job and I know the pay is wonderful...priceless. I wish I was there with you...

Ashley said...

That job sounds like a dream.

How can I apply?

[It will be some years before I can do this--my husband is still in school, so that makes me the breadwinner... I will have to live vicariously through you.]

Renee said...

modern day proverbs 31 woman!! So proud of you! And so thankful you have a wondeful, providing husband so that you can have your dream job!! thank you Lord!

haley said...
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haley said...

this made me cry. you're getting so old (in a good way) and mature. you know how to iron collars. stop growing up, and let me catch up... :)

pve design said...

Oh, how I have missed you, I need to come here every day as you are such an inspiration - I never hear one itty bitty complaint, just all goodness.
Music to my ears! Every day is a blessing!

Debra said...

I feel as though I know you already! What a great post! It inspires me to make my own list...or try!

Blair Friedeman said...

I think I have a new dream job!:)

mgoecke said...

Summer, you are such a neat lady. Pete and I have been married for nine years now (march 11) and you are an inspiration to me! I love this list and am encouraged to write my own. :)

Kelli said...

I loved this!!! Somebody tell Grant to buy this woman a dishwasher!

Found you via Kelli's blog. And yes, I'm a Kelli too. :)

Mike and Katie said...

Wonderful list. It is the best job in the world. Some of those things get a little more difficult when you add kids to the mix though, like getting enough sleep!

How about squeezing in a little time for capital letters, too? (I'm sorry. I'm a teacher. It's a major pet peeve!)

Katie (Sunflower Kelli sent me)

Christina said...

I love my home making job too. It's THE dream job of my life, and it's so satisfying.

By the way, what side dishes DO go with quesadillas?

SRA said...

Summer! You are a woman after my own heart! How refreshing it is to read and witness someone so beautiful and young, and so sure of who she is! You go girl! Stay Authentic and keep living the dream HE has planned for your beautiful life! - L.Schulte, Cincinnati, OH (AKA: Serial Room Arranger)

pve design said...

dream job
dream wife
dream life

Unknown said...

OMG i feel the same way! i love the way you put that. I have been married for 3 years and we don't have any kids yet so sometimes I feel like i'm not contributing to the family if i'm not working..but i trive when i am a homemaker and our lives are easier. we have had it both ways and we i read you post i realized how much of a job it is and what an important job it is! thanks :) love you blog!



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