March 16, 2010
i got an email from grant while he was at work yesterday. it said,
'are you ready to eat oranges for the rest of your life?'
we splurged this year and bought the giant crate of oranges from the 4-H kids. (one reason why i love being married to grant: he gets excited about fruit.) so. you know what this means. it's smoothie season. strawberry orange banana smoothies are our specialty. we're stocking up on yogurt and i'm going to give the blender a home on the counter somewhere. it also means that it's orange scone season. ohhhh yeah. orange scones everyday!
remember my days with the orange baking counter?


Christina said...

Those look like good oranges! We got 4-H oranges before Christmas, and they were yummy. Have fun using them up!

Bekah: said...

I think I'll make orange scones today too. Living in AZ, there is an abundance of citrus right in my backyard. I am fortunate.

Love your blog.

Renee said...

oh summer...those oranges look wonderful! i'm sure they will go faster than you'd think! yes, orange scones sound wonderful...and a fresh orange julius!!

Anneliese said...

i love the cardboard crates of fruit! my mom always would get was fun until there were like 7 left...then you never wanted to see another orange, apple, grapefruit, or peach again. :)

Rachel said...

Mmmmmm... orange season is my fave! My family home has a huge orange tree in the backyard and during orange season it is the only fruit we eat. I drive back just to pick up boxes of oranges.

amy said...

I just returned from LA where my sister-in-law has an orange tree in her back yard. Fresh squeezed every morning! I wish I could have taken a a crate home. Those look so sweet and juicy. Enjoy!

the shoppe owner said...

those oranges look fabulous! have fun!



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