March 17, 2010
this is what my mind did today. today i made the jump from winter to everything beyond. i had a scarf around my neck this morning but now all seems sunny and bright. (the oranges were too perfect, i had to post them twice. please tell me you snapped up that scone recipe.) and i realized: it's almost spring for real and i haven't made notes on what's going on lately. time to record some real life stuff. like the temp hitting 50 degrees today. whoa, where did that come from? i got the mail without my coat on. the sun shone. and these icicles are gone. finally. another minnesota winter under my belt. and i am happy, happy. these days..
1. breakfast is toast. hands-down. cereal has been out of circulation for about a month.
2. i don't do the dishes on tues nights. i hang out with g. and pack him two brown bag meals for wed.
3. grant is a diligent grad school student, but still manages to keep an eye on things like water in the basement, the stock market, and the well-being of his wife.
4. sometimes after reading in his textbook, grant will come find me and have a discussion about what he read and why he does/does not agree. i love seeing his discerning mind at work.
5. i am training for my first 5k. woohoo.
6. i am baking bread weekly. an ambition that has dwelled in me for years.
7. day in and day out, i dream about growing a garden.
7.5 i am researching how to plant things. it seems daunting. but i make things harder than they are.
8. we are stretching together after we brush our teeth at night. no, not kidding. i don't know how we got started, but it's super fun. we're getting pretty flexible.
9. i am actually beating grant in 'the amount of peanut butter consumed daily' contest.
10. grant is shopping for a lawn mower. (because we have a yard now!)
11. we buy bananas every time we go to the store. seriously.
12. i am reading this book by e. elliot. it's one of those that'll be overrun with my underlines.
13. snow is no longer glittering hard. it looks soft and tired. and muddied.
14. grant, on the other hand, looks very dashing with a smart haircut and tailored shirts.
15. me? i could use a trim. need to figure out what to do about bangs.
16. i bought a candy bar at the check-out last weekend. can't remember the last time i did that.
17. grant is picking words for the spelling bee. and i help him make up sentences to use them in.
18. today is the first day we've seen the sun in over a week.
19. i changed my mind about pancakes. soon, i'll show you why.
20. we talk. a lot. about everything. i'm glad to be truly close to this guy i married.
21. am still loving everything about my job.
so, 5:30 pm.
sun still shining, thank you daylight savings time.
grant is at class tonight. toast for dinner.


Anneliese said...

i'm glad to hear there is someone else who consumes toast multiple times a day.

Christina said...

I really enjoy your lists. : ) on so many levels...

p.s. I talked about your broccoli cheddar soup on my blog. :D It was that good.

Christina said...

p.p.s. even the leftovers were delicious.

and yes, I'm obsessed with that soup.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Love this list. Love the random little things that you threw in there. Love your blog. many times can I say love? Well, I do.

Amanda said...

summer--i love reading what you write. I always know when I see a new post by you it will be everything that I want to say. You make marriage seem fun and so so wonderful. Going into the beginning of my own marriage in May, I'll think back to posts like this that show your and grant's love for each other and I'll smile to myself thinking "hey, chad and I can have a marriage like that. One where I'm so happy to be married and want chad to feel cared for". Thank you for posting such wonderful things for me to ponder...on here and also on dwell. xo--Amanda

Renee said...

the e.ellliot book is wonderful! I have it also...complete with underlines! so glad to hear it is almost spring for you too! the sun is shining this morning..and it is supposed to be 65*! walnut creek here we come!

nataliep. said...

thanks for sharing, summer! i just love your posts!



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