March 12, 2010
it's your birthday, bec! here we are years ago, doing something almost no one will remember or understand. but i think that's why our friendship is sort of remarkable. it was built on a small circle of girls, with a certainly sometimes silly, and rather unconventional, but first-rate idea of fun. i don't remember buying new outfits together or whispering about boys. or hanging out at the mall or going to basketball games. or even chatting on the phone. the things i reminisce about are mostly 'inside memories' of us just being ourselves, in one of our basements, laughing. no one else would really get why we we laughed, but we get each other.
without trying, we had so much good fun in growing up.
from sparks to piano lessons. from birthday parties to the bible quiz. from pretzel rods and apple juice to miss bonnie's cake class. from the laughing game to sleepovers and pancakes. from pajama pageants to lock-ins. from hickory hill to papio pool. from dutch blitz to myst. from sunday school to mission trips. from alfred hitchcock to jane austen to tolkien. from blue man group to worlds of fun. from high school french class to high school musical. from bible studies to shapes mac & cheese. from 2 o'clock syndrome to deep discussion. from ming's to panera. from soar to summer nights at sonic. from graduation to facebook. from toast parties to basement pow-wows. from lemony snicket to lost. from midwest allergy clinic to my wedding day. from mali to minnesota. from little girls to grown up.
been there, done that. together.
happy birthday, rebecca!


Rebecca said...

what can I even say after that post? only that I love you dearly. thanks for the trip down memory lane - they're really good ones, aren't they?

haley said...

love this!!! and i love becca!!! happy birthday bec!

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest friendship post EVER!!! Happy Birthday Rebecca!
Tammie Moore

Sarah said...

You're so good at remembering things, Summer! I love the way you expressed our fun times together.



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