March 23, 2010

welcome to my experiment.

i've had both recipes bookmarked for some time and so, naturally, when we had company over last friday, i saw this as a window of opportunity. i was going to serve peanut butter cookies two ways, and find out just how different they are. 

cookie no. 1 (via joy the baker)
was killer straight out of the oven. it's the quintessential peanut butter cookie. very classic look and taste. a bit fall-apart, but nobody complained while they were cradling warm cookie fragments in their hands. it's ridiculous how good they are from only 4 ingredients. i'm a believer: less is more.
day two: they were crisp and crumbly, but nothing could taint their excellent taste. perfect for dunking in milk.

cookie no. 2 (via sheena)
now this is a cookie. i'm plain crazy about these, and a bit upset that i've gone all these years without them. the hint of oatmeal behind the bite.. it gets me every time. who needs flour? the pb, oats, chocolate chip coalition is perfect as can be in this recipe. after they came out, i stood by the sink 'doing dishes' and devouring a handful of them off the cooling rack. i can't remember the last time i let myself eat cookies until i was full. it was totally worth it.
day two: still marvelous. still soft. maybe a little bit of a deeper chewiness, but that made the delicious effect even stronger.

overall, this was a seriously successful experiment. i have two new keepers for my stash. and i do love to collect good cookies. i'm sure you guys are with me on this. my sincere thanks to joy the baker and sheena for sharing the goodness!

update: here is the recipe for sheena's cookies. it has become my go-to recipe, so i must share.

flourless peanut butter cookies 
(thank you, sheena!)

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 cup chocolate chips

mix peanut butter and brown sugar in mixer on medium speed until well blended (around 3 minutes). add eggs, mix well. mix in oats and soda and stir in chocolate chips. dough will be super gooey! spoon onto parchment lined cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. 

ps. you guys. wow. thank you, thank you for the shower of sewing ideas yesterday! i read each and every one and love the way you think. i'm in much better shape now. you're the best.


Anneliese said...

i love pb cookies! i think i will try recipe #2.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the cookie review! they both look delicious. i'm not a fan of pb (please don't hate me), but my husband is, so i will make them for him! :] thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I'll give these a try.

Renee said...

i am defintely making #2 this afternoon! so easy, and sound so wonderful! (think I'll make mine with milk chocolate chips...just found a bag of them in the cupboard!)
thanks for the great recipe, and sheena's blog...looks like another good one!!

southern daze said...

Love this experiment! I'm always looking out for new cookie recipes and have bookmarked them both. Thanks for sharing :-)

Mom said...

Cookie #2 was DELICIOUS! (I was the company, I would know.) Thanks, Summy!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Your photos always make my mouth water and my stomach grumble. I want peanut butter cookies now. Oh my goodness.

Natalie of said...

ooo these look delicious. my hubby has been asking for some peanutbutter cookies i'll have to try one of these out! i love joy the baker!

marta said...

#1. you should sell your photographs. people like me would frame them in a row in my future dream kitchen.

#2. this is my type of experiment. mm. mmm. will try these when i get home from vacation and have nothing to do with myself.

#3. thanks for all the goodness. enjoy those cookies. perhaps they will freeze well too.

#4. did you happen to change your header just a smidge!? the grey looks a bit brighter for the seasons, lovely as usual.

Hannah said...

hi summer, I have to say that while I absolutely love peanut butter, mixing it with anything other than butter has never appealed to me. Pb&jelly and pb cookies are not as popular in England, BUT, last summer I was completely converted - by a photo! I came across a recipe for peanut butter cookies with chocolate ganache in the middle and they were amazing. I couldn't believe how much I loved them, so I will definitely be trying out your suggestions very soon! thankyou for your beautiful blogging.

Miss to Mrs said...

I now want to leave work and make cookies for the rest of the day! These look so yummy. Thank you for doing this experiment for us!

Unknown said...

Ok I made recipe #2 last night! I didn't have any chocolate chips so I made some chocolate frosting. They are so good! They were even really good with no chocolate. Thanks for posting your good finds!

haley said...

oh my word. i am IN LOVE with cookie #2!!!!! mom made them yesterday, and i have been day dreaming about them all day at work today!! BEST peanut butter cookies i have ever had. mmmmmmm!!!!

Renee said...

haley said it all for me! but for anyone out there still wondering....
i'm sure they are both wonderful...but for now #2 is the winner...even with me messing up and adding twice the amount of oatmeal...they turned out great!
p.s she better hurry up and get home...or there won't be any left!!

Amanda said...

Thank you for doing this little experiment and posting about it (not that your arm had to be twisted or anything) :) I'll have to save this post for when I have a kitchen to make these cookies for me and my guy.

Jordan and Jandee said...

These look wonderful, can't wait to try them out!

sheena said...

oh I'm glad you liked them!! they are our fav and they always go so quickly!!

you are so brave to make TWO kinds of cookies at once....I would eat myself into a coma.



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