November 9, 2010
at deer hunting, the girls usually do something girly. one year we made mini scrapbooks. last year grandma marian gave us all a class on her blue ribbon apple pie. this year, we got to make sweet cake stands! you know i was super excited about this. they're so simple-quick and practical. all of us girls were saying how much we love a 5-minute craft, especially one that you can actually use. i'm so hooked on the ease of it that i might just be making hundreds in the next few weeks. seriously, they would make such fabulous christmas gifts.


what you need: 
1. one pretty plate, as fancy or plain as you please. 
2. one small vase, candlestick holder, or goblet. 
3. a strong glue that says it works on glass or metal.

fyi: our plates and bases came from thrift stores. (where else?!)

what you do:
1. turn your plate upside down.
2. squeeze a ring of glue onto the rim of your base, and place in the center of your plate.
3. let dry. don't move your stand until the base is completely secured to the plate.  


make a few and stack them on top of each other for a tiered look. use them to serve your holiday goodies. or as a stand for candles and garland. or create an elegant centerpiece. or even better.. wrap them up and put them under the tree for all your favorite girlies!

ps. have you started your christmas shopping yet? 


Hannah said...

I make these for almost every shower and party I throw. I actually use spray paint that is food-safe to finish them off and match the party...then give them to the guest of honor. They always love them.

Yossy said...

so pretty! i love easy crafts like this.

Miss to Mrs said...

I want to come to your home and hug your neck. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out something lovely to make my mom for Christmas and couldn't for the life of me think of anything. This is it! I'm going to make one of these for all the yummy cakes and cookies that she bakes! I'm so excited!

What kind of glue did you use? I want to make sure I use the right one.

Aunt Kayleen said...

what a great idea!

kristin said...

lovely! i'm really feasting my eyes on the one that i'm calling *sparkly!*

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Beautiful idea...and so easy to make! Thanks!

Renee said...

love this! i too, am wondering...what glue did you use? super glue type? want to make one now!!

Coco said...

how creative and frugal!! Ahhhh...I cant believe its almost time to Christmas shop/make. Its time to get my craft on :)

marta said...

summer! these are incredible and lovely and oh so outstanding. wonderful work and such a cute way to present a delicious goodie from your christmas kitchen. i can just see it now.

thank you for the fantastic idea. and yes, please introduce us to your super strong glue.

p.s. i love the tradition of hanging out with the girlies and doing a project while the men are hunting. so awesome of the harms clan.

p.p.s. did some christmas shopping today!! however b needs clothes so bad, he'll be wearing them tomorrow, so i don't think it really counts. but i'm counting it.

Becka @ Life as an Artistpreneur said...

Thanks for reminding me! I need to make a few of these for a party this weekend. Adorable. said...

Summer, I LOVE this! Easy! Adorable!

summer said...

@ everyone who asked... hey guys! the glue was something my mother-in-law picked up in the craft section at walmart. if you find something that says it works on glass and metal, you'll be good!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! What a perfect way to use my husband's grandmother's mismatched china, and get my Christmas gifts made at the same time!!! I might even fill them with Christmas cookies for the ultimate gift.



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