November 9, 2011
hello, hello, hello!
sorry i've been gone so long.
there has been lots of stuff.
enough said. right? because i've got recipes to share with you and life to update on!

so awhile back someone sent me a formspring asking about the challenges of being a new mom. one challenge i ran into is the concept of "normal." the first few months i had to realize- things are not going to get back to normal. there is a new normal. normal now includes a baby! how awesome is that? and now that we're almost 5 months into it i have reached the point where i've stopped waiting for and wondering what our "regular days" will be like and just started living my day. are you wondering what it's like? okay good, because i want to write it down. someday i will be glad i did.

wake up
somewhere between 5:30 and 7:30 am ish. 
(depending on if Hadley hears daddy leave for early morning basketball practice.)
we bring her upstairs to our room to nurse and sing the good morning song.
while she's eating, i use the iPad for my devotions and a bit of Spurgeon. 
we like to watch dad get ready for school, check facebook, play words with friends.
we'll usually find a good youtube video to watch while mom gets dressed. 
if she woke up on the early side she might go back to her crib for some "finishing" sleep. 
(rare and awesome!)

we head downstairs for the day.
Hadley hangs out pretty happy on the floor or in her exersaucer for a few minutes while i scamper around the house opening shades, taking probiotics, putting dishes away, washing my face, etc.
i hold her on my hip while scrambling eggs. 
we go to her room to get her changed and outfitted and usually play on the floor a little bit.
we pray about the day, sing our favorite songs.
we walk around and visit all the mirrors in the house, because that is cool.

we spend the rest of the day before daddy comes home singing songs (lots and lots), walking around the house while mommy tries to do one-handed things, nursing, bouncing, blowing bubbles, watching mom eat with much fascination, talking about silly things, looking in mirrors, smiling and sucking on fists, rolling over, getting new diapers, napping in mommy's lap, sitting in the bumbo or 'saucer if mom needs both hands in the kitchen, more nursing, iPad playing, dancing to a pandora station... and then daddy comes home! yay! 

most days daddy has errands to run around town, so Hadley gets to ride along with him. (yay! carseat!) and while they are out and about mommy gets to have both hands to work! 
i put on some jazzy music, clean up the kitchen and make dinner. 
chopping carrots to bing crosby is a fave.
Hadley and Grant get home and the little girl may be taking a cat nap, if the drive was long enough.
we catch a bit of the evening news, talk about our days, eat dinner- most of the time Hadley will sit pretty happily in her bumbo seat on the table with us now, just watching us stuff our faces.

between 7 and 8 pm the little girl gets ready for bed: cleaned up, changed, and pajama-ed in her room. such a happy girl! she loves this time of day. mom and dad do, too. she's super "talkative" and smiley. we sing "goodnight ladies," mommy reads goodnight moon, make ridiculous noises, and play "1, 2, 3, yay!" (daddy makes up fun games.)

we head over to the couch. Hadley gets swaddled and nestled into mommy's arms for one last nurse before bed. mom and dad might watch parks & rec while she is drifting off... and then daddy carries her to her crib. she is usually in bed, monitor turned on, by 9 o'clock ish. and she will sleep all night long. praise the Lord!

i head to the kitchen to clean up dinner, wipe the counters, prep stuff for tomorrow, put meat in the fridge to thaw or a pot of broth on the stove to simmer overnight, eat a snack, get a load of laundry started or do some folding and putting away. sometimes grant and i have business to take care of like making Christmas lists and shopping on amazon and talking about Thanksgiving (yay!), so after Hadley is in bed we meet on the couch for things like that. 
then we grab our water glasses, phones, iPad, pump, laundry, (some nights we have to make two trips) and head upstairs to brush teeth and sleep so we can start all over! 

and that is a normal day.
it's pretty lovely.
i am thankful for every minute of it.


Maryclayre Dick said...

Yes, I love it!! 5 months old already? Wow, times flies! You word everything so well...I totally remember those days!! So fun.

A Place to Reside said...

It sounds lovely and oh-so precious.

Sarah said...

I just love your blog! You are a wonderful mama and it makes me even more excited for my little one to get here! Your days sound so sweet and fulfilling :)

John and Teresa said...

i needed this post :)

being new to the sahm world, can you tell me what your pumping routine is? i'm unsure how often and when to do it since i will rarely be away from her.

[eeny] said...

Sounds like a very lovely kind of "new normal".

Alivia said...

Sounds like a beautiful new normal :)

summer said...

thanks everybody!

teresa! great question. i will be emailing you :)

Anneliese said...

we sing "good night, ladies" too! but insert bentley for ladies. :) it seems to flow pretty well.

Miranda said...

Absolutely lovely post. I will never stop loving hearing all about people's day-to-day. Also, someday you will be so happy that you wrote this down. Pinky promise.

Hannah said...

This is such a lovely post, Summer. Thanks for sharing your days with us. It's lovely to hear that you are enjoying finding your new kind of normal in being a mama to Hadley.

Christina said...

Ah, yes. Abnormal is the new normal post-baby, isn't it? I'm still getting used to it after four years! : ) Thanks for sharing about your days!

marta said...

the way you make your new routine sound so dreamy is probably because you love your new 'job' so much. how you will love having written this; oh how the 'normal' changes and shifts and the mamas just have to roll with it. so happy to hear about your daily life as mama and wife. you are a complete inspiration to me. / keep up the good work, summ.



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