January 28, 2014

Casper could not have come at a better time.
This has been the motto around our house for the past 2 weeks. We just cannot believe how it has all turned out so awesome... Grant being able to get almost 2 weeks off of work, plus blizzards and snow days to keep us all cozied in at home together, etc. We've been watching movies and making easy meals and getting our taxes done and writing papers (Grant) and sneaking naps/showers. And I have been putting in major hours of nursing, of course. It's been way better than I could even imagine. We thought for sure our baby wouldn't arrive until the end of January, but the Lord has a different plan. And His timing is perfect. I know this is true, but I've never seen it to be more true in my own life than right now. Thank you, Lord! You always know.

Also on my mind: January is normally such a strange, stalled month, but now the new year is all about bringing in this new life. I love it. There wasn't any time to be sad about Christmas being over, and now January is consumed with purpose. I wish it could be like this every year! Any time is a great time to have a baby, but seriously, all my babies could come in January and I wouldn't complain a bit :)


Christina said...

Oh! Baby Casper is just precious!

(Next year there won't be time to be stalled and sad either; there will be a first birthday to celebrate and plan! <3 my January baby.)

Unknown said...

Oh God's perfect hand in things! My 1st was a January baby. We were snow in too and it was close to heaven. And the birthdays make January always a good time from now on out! He is precious.

A Place to Reside said...

What a dear, dear little fellow! So glad you're getting plenty of time to cozy up.

Stephanie said...

He is so sweet, Summer! We're looking forward to our second in a couple months and I'm finding the wait much harder this time around!

Anonymous said...

I love when god shows us his hand in such intentional ways! And what a special time or that!

January babies sure make the winter fly by... There is no better time to be snugged in the house with a hungry baby that I can think of.

Unknown said...

congrats Harmses! Summer, thank you for your inspiration and great advice. I love coming to this space and seeing what you have to say.

Kelly said...

So precious! And January babies are wonderful, I know I love celebrating mine each year! So fun to plan a bday party after Christmas. :)



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