March 17, 2014
Hi guys. I'm getting on my magnesium soap box today. Did you know I'm in love with magnesium? Yeah, it's true. My love affair started after reading this post a few years ago, and now I'll tell anyone who will listen how great it is. You can read a little bit about it in this post where I shared my favorite supplements for pregnancy (but they're also my favorites when I'm not pregnant). In the past, magnesium has helped tame my morning sickness when I was pregnant with Casper, got my stress hormones under control after a rough birth recovery and tense first couple months as a new mom, relieved muscle aches in my upper back and calves (chiropractic care also helped with these), and now I have another cool story about how I've seen the healing properties of magnesium at work in my own body. Specifically in my teeth. I've been so excited about this and dying to post about it!

After Casper was born and about a week or two into heavy nursing, I noticed some gray spots developing on my teeth. I watched for several days, brushing and flossing a little fiercer each day, and saw the spots start to spread. They weren't anything you could brush away or dissolve with mouthwash. These were related to a mineral deficiency. I have struggled with a magnesium deficiency in the past and knew that I probably wasn't getting nearly enough now that I was nursing Casper and supplying his body with magnesium on top of my own. So, having read that magnesium remineralizes teeth, I immediately started supplementing with it from a couple different sources.

I love my Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, but with a brand new baby and not much time in the bathroom, it just didn't work to try to keep up with it daily. Instead, I started drinking a glass of Natural Calm magnesium powder every day and I also stirred in a full daily dose of Concentrace trace mineral drops. Within a few days of starting this new regimen, the gray spots on my teeth began to disappear. It was incredible. After a few weeks, the spots were gone. Now Casper is 9 weeks old, I've kept up with my magnesium drink daily, and the spots haven't returned. I had Grant study my teeth last night and he couldn't tell where they had been. Amazing! (Added bonus: magnesium relieves constipation! Let's just say, I haven't had to worry about it a bit. And any of you girls who have given birth know that's huge.)

So encouraged by the progress I was seeing with the magnesium supplementation, I decided that while I was at it, some oil pulling would be great for my teeth, not to mention my overall health. You can read about it here if you're interested, but basically oil pulling is as simple as putting a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 5-20 minutes. Sort of like mouthwash, but for a longer amount of time. Then you spit it out into the garbage (do not swallow!) and rinse. It pulls toxins, viruses, plaque, bacteria, and yeasts out of your mouth and has countless other health benefits- a super cleansing, healing, and detoxifying little technique.

I committed to oil pulling first thing every morning (which is the most beneficial time to do it) for 10 minutes, for a week. Any longer than 10 minutes and I start to think it's too much work, so I don't bother doing it, and I figured I could stick with it if I knew it was just for a week. So, I did it. And honestly, I started seeing results on the first day. As the week went by, I noticed that my teeth were significantly whiter and more shiny! Since then I've happily swished oil around in my mouth every few days, knowing that it really does work.

Just wanted to share my excitement with any of you guys who might also be into this stuff. :)


summer said...

Dear Katelin, I always use coconut oil :)

Dear Anonymous, yes! In my opinion oil pulling is safe and even helpful to do while nursing. I wouldn't want to do a big cleanse right now, but our bodies are constantly detoxifying on their own, and this is a gentle way to support that process. Here's an interesting read that I found:

Emily Guerard said...

Summer. Do you think the magnesium from a regular store like Walmart would do the same thing? I am very interested but my husband is not a fan of the $ involved :/

Chrystal said...

Yes! I finally gave myself a few minutes to read this... So good! I've been loving oil pulling too and I love the idea of adding magnesium. I need to check out those trace minerals also. So glad I have a smart friend like you to learn from :)

Heidi Joe said...

Hi Summer,
I have been hearing a lot about oil pulling lately and I've wanted to try it. I have heard that if you have tooth fillings, though, that oil pulling can dislodge them. Any idea if this is true, or if you've had that happen to you? I love your blog, and I've been making your recipes a lot lately! (Oatmeal bread rules in our house.) Thank you very much!

Anne Hill said...

I keep hearing all these amazing oil pulling stories! That's it- I have to try it!

Teeth Care said...

I tried oil pulling for the first time this morning. And, to be honest, I was kind of doubted about its benefits. But my first day experience was not bad. Now I decide to try it for a week and see how it will turn out :-D

Jen said...

"I love my Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, but with a brand new baby and not much time in the bathroom, it just didn't work to try to keep up with it daily."

Do you mean you don't have time to rub it in your skin?

People have also used it for brushing and "pulling" with success...

Djadai said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I have been using Magnesium Oil now for some weeks and I am amazed how pain free I am! I have not tried oil pulling ...but guess what ...I am about to! I work with disabled people and I found by the end of the shift I was sore. That was when I started using Magnesium oil and now I would not be with out it! Glad I found it!



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