October 3, 2008
you will find this aluminum cake carrier. found at a thrift store, now beautifies my fridge. the moment i saw it, i knew it belonged in my kitchen. it's in really good condition and i adore the retro lines. i'm anxiously awaiting some event that will require my baking a cake. then I will happily put it to good use. of course i could make a cake just to eat at home, and for no particular reason, but my grant isn't cake crazy, and that would result in an absurd amount of temptation for myself. especially if it was chocolate. no good would come of it.
also in my kitchen right now.. these vintage flour-coffee-tea canisters. found at the same thrift store as the cake carrier, but on a different occasion. the (horrible) picture is washing them out, so you can't really see the true 1960's shade of olive green here, but in real life they are perfect. the wallpaper in my kitchen (that i once thought was ugly, but have now learned to embrace) is a pattern of this exact same color, hence my retro-themed kitchen. next to the canisters, you will see my lovely grandma's kitchenaid mixer, which she graciously passed on to me when i got married in last may. thanks, grandma! many of my newlywed baking adventures have started out in that mixer of yours. i love it.


Jan said...

I love it all. Vintage is the way to go. That cake holder is so awesome, and the colors of the canister set is just what I love too. The black top and everything.

pve design said...

My Grandmother had the same cake tin and always had a fresh angel food cake inside.
Thanks for your recent visit to my spot.

Mrs. Buck said...

I love that cake tin - we havent gone vintage in our house, but I'm getting inspired to add a few vintage touches here or there to warm the place up. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anneliese said...

i think your canister set is wonderful! i actually noticed them in a previous picture. i think i might put canisters on my christmas list...



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