October 22, 2008
I do not like rain.
but fall rainy days are different from any other kind of rainy day.
on a fall rainy day, you can enjoy lots of lovely things...
1. pumpkin spice latte at a local coffee shop.
(i had never had one before-- how is that possible?)
2. something warm and carb-loaded for dinner.
(i just made up a recipe for some kind of chili/chicken chowder... if it's good i'll let you know)
* this is my grandma's old crock pot which she just gave me. yay. thanks, grandma!
3. something carbohydratey to go with the already carb-loaded main dish.
i finally got up enough guts to try my grandma's recipe for dinner rolls. I hate calling them dinner rolls. That sounds so degrading. They should really be called "the most glorious thing you'll ever put in your mouth rolls." Hopefully they taste like Grandma's... we'll find out


Sara Christine said...

Carbs & rain...two of my very favorite things. :)

Stay dry today!

Jan said...

How fun. I use to have that same crockpot. So cute.

Tesa said...

Summer! How fun to find the link to Amish Friendship Bread on your "Look what I found" side bar!! I was just given some starter last week, and I am on day 6 of nurturing it... Sunday I get to bake my loaves of bread! If you were here, I would pass some starter to you!! This is my first time trying it...can't wait to bake it!

melissa said...

rainy fall days are the best :)
your blog is lovely!

Christina said...

Those rolls sound lovely! I have a free retro waffle maker from my great grandma. I like free retro stuff. ; )



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