October 21, 2008
there's a great little antique shop in our town called "second wind antiques & more." here are some of the things I spotted on my last visit and why they caught my eye.
1. red cart: how perfect would this be for displaying/organizing crafty stuff, books, laundry room supplies, or things that won't fit into my kitchen cabinets? (already SOLD! sigh.)
2. vintage watercolor: I am always drawn to things that belong in a room for kids. I wish that I had a baby room to decorate right now.
3. powder blue and white chest of drawers: who doesn't enjoy distressed, repainted, and wonderfully sturdy? Again, I see this perfectly situated in a baby's room... and I have no such room.
4. uniquely-sized storage cabinet (short and not very deep): finally, something I actually brought home (and for only $26)! This many-shelved wonder fits cozily in my kitchen and holds most of my dishes. The wood is a lovely school-room yellow and has a glossy finish everywhere except the doors. I'm debating about painting those... still not sure.


please sir said...

What a coincidence! GREAT finds!!!

Jan said...

I was thinking of please sir too when I saw this post. Funny. I love your finds. Good price on that cabinet wow. Can't wait to see what you fill it up with.

pve design said...

nice finds and love the cabinet.

*L said...

seriously this is some amazing stuff.

Rachel said...

That storage cabinet is a great find! I love it.



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