November 5, 2008
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci
1. flowers monochromatic. i prefer one color. it's so much prettier.
2. doing the laundry. i enjoy this. i like putting everything to rights in my life, clothes included.
3. wire basket from target. it's cute, it's inexpensive, it's for organizing- of course i'm going to love it. and it makes a nice home for some washcloths.
4. analog alarm clocks. pretty. and makes me work just a bit harder.
5. homemade rice crispy bars. perfect.
6. glass canisters to pretty up ordinary things. why shouldn't cotton balls and q-tips be convenient and beautiful at the same time?


Anonymous said...

Sigh. This post made me smile so much. I agree with everything on your list---especially monochromatic bouquets. You can use even the cheapest, most ordinary blooms and they still look spectacular amassed in a single color bouquet...

And I love your image collage, too!

pve design said...

that laundry basket is just brilliant.
all things simple are appreciated here!

Rachel said...

I wish I liked doing the laundry as much as I like rice krispie treats. It would make my life so much easier.
Thanks for the reminder to think about the small things. They really add up.

Jan said...

I appreciate them all Summer. I love those clocks and the bouquets. And the laundry basket and the and the and the :)

Sara Christine said...

What a nice little collage. Makes me smile. It's amazing how much beauty exists in the every day things we usually wouldn't look at twice!

megan said...

what a lovely, lovely post!



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