November 6, 2008
The school's in trouble.
They need a boys' basketball coach- and fast.
"Mr. Harms... will you do it?"
And in true Grant fashion, my heroic husband agrees to take the position.
(early morning practices start THIS monday!)
Now, when it comes to basketball, my husband's no novice. (oh, no. let's just say that a 3rd grader once asked him why he wasn't in the NBA.) But coaching?! If I were him, I would be scared to death. But not Grant. He's not worried. He's calm, cool, & collected. Not to mention distractingly handsome.
Grant, thank you for being fantastically brave and selfless, you inspire me.
You made a lot of 7th grade boys really happy.
And you make me happy everyday.


Jan said...

What an adorable Hero. You married well Summer. Keeper in sight.

Elsa said...

:-) I know how you feel. My Ben is tutoring a few kids in Latin and often checks the Greek text of the Bible for us at our church fellowship group. I'm so proud of him! No one will ever, ever ask him to coach basketball, however. I hope.

I love your blog, Summer! Can I send you a link to mine, once I get it going?

And aren't you about to have a six-month anniversary?

Anonymous said...

And they say there are no more heroes...LOVE this Summer! It makes me so excited to have children because I know my husband is going to have such fun and take such pride in things like coaching. What is it about them that they can find such confidence in things that would make us want to crawl under a rock?

And he's a total hunk. What a catch ;)

please sir said...


Renee said...

Love that picture! What is the name of his team? What fun to follow his basketball team! Good luck Grant!



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