November 24, 2008
Ever since I saw this, I fell in love with the idea of using newspaper to wrap up some of my Christmas presents this year. Liberated by the black & white concept and free from the worry of clashing colors, I decided to form some non-traditional gift tags out of some scraps that I had laying around. Although I love the bright hues and will surely use them, I am not going completely rebellious for 2008. I actually very much enjoy being engulfed in a veritable whirlwind of the traditional red and green everything. So, don't worry, along with my newsy gifts, I will also be packaging up some regulars.


Jan said...

Why not? Twist and turns on the tradition makes it fun. They look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

These tags are so fun---LOVE them! You should totally do a tutorial on how you made them! I'd love to know so I can steal the idea ;)

please sir said...

Great idea - would love to get a gift like that!

Sara Christine said...

What pretty tags! How creative! I keep all my fabric scraps in a plastic shopping bag because I don't ever know what to do with them.

pve design said...

Oh, I love these! Last year I hand painted these fun circles and saved them to use again with the family!
I made dots, initials and words...

notebookdoodles said...

hi =) i tagged you in my blog. please see my post for details.

thanks =)


The Lil Bee said...

That is a great idea! And it sounds like you're having a great time doing it, which makes the gifts those tags accompany that much more special.



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