November 26, 2008
I am not particularly skilled or knowledgeable in the field of music, yet I am amazed at the significance it holds in my life. I have realized this about myself: I must have music to accompany each and every activity throughout my day. It is essential. In order for me to enjoy the elements of my routine to the max, they must be supplemented with music. Does anyone else feel this way?
When I sit here and blog: a certain playlist on iTunes sets the mood. In the kitchen: I have a cd ready to blare in my old player from my bedroom growing up. While out and about in my running gear: my handy-dandy little ipod shuffle hooks on for the ride. In the bathroom: an ipod is connected to a clock radio-- instant shower sing-along enjoyment at my touch. Going to sleep: my laptop sends out sweet, soothing sounds. Every room in my house can be reached by several music sources. I made sure.
Ever since I created my first account several years ago, iTunes has become the hub of my life soundtrack. It is constantly, unnoticeably close at hand. But today, I am noticing it. And I am thankful for it.


notebookdoodles said...

music is love. music is life. it's as simple as that =)

i am amazed at how musically connected your house is!! i wish i can do that.. maybe in the near future when i get my own house, i'll have it just as musically connected as yours. you are an inspiration for sure!


Tesa said...

This is one of my current goals-- adding more music to my home! One of the items on my Christmas wish list is an "under the counter CD-Radio" for my kitchen.

By the way- I love the Christmas photo added to your side bar! Adorable. Another goal of mine is to update my blog layout to have a holiday feel :)
Thanks for the inspiration(s)!

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