December 4, 2008
stylist interview continued.
down to the specifics.
what is the best overall hairspray? (1) Back to Basics Firm Hold Hairspray. New discovery thanks to our beautiful aunt, Kayleen. This is the product world's best kept secret. Dries quickly, doesn't feel wet at all, hair stays exactly where you put it- lasts all day. Doesn't leave any "film" or flaky residue. (bonus: it's relatively inexpensive)
best root lifter/volumizer? (2) Bedhead Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. Perfect for spraying right at the roots, or can be used all over for fine hair. Gives hair just enough texture for awesome body. Smells great. Easy to use.
best product for creating shine? (3) Kenra Silkening Mist. Not greasy at all, leaves hair looking healthy and shiny. Perfect for sprucing up "second day" hair. Works great to finish hair after flat-ironing.
best smoother? (4) Bedhead After Party. Lightweight, great for smoothing out frizzy ends and flyaways. I use it on every client at the end of the service to give them that "finished" look. (bonus: it's a deodorizer so it's perfect for cleaning up after a visit to a smoky bowling alley)
what would you give to someone with curly hair? (5) Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier. Sticky enough to get lots of curl out of just "wavy" hair. Smoothes curls together for more "piecey" ringlets. Instantly calms frizziness and crazy curls. Amazing product. Couldn't go a day without it.
what about someone who wants straight hair? (6) Redken Align. Great blow-dry lotion. Gets hair stick-straight all day.
people with dry/heat-damaged hair, what should they use? (7) Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask. Great value. Hair feels softer and easier to comb through after just one use. Smells good. Use a couple of times a week for dry hair and you will notice a difference.
what about people who have had a ton of highlights and now their hair is damaged/over-processed? (8) Redken Extreme Deep Fuel. Amazing for highlighted hair that needs its strength back. Stops hair from being so brittle and breaking easily. Hair looks shinier and healthier- less frizzy and damaged. Got me through going back to blond, from being red.
what would you give to someone who is trying to grow out their hair? (9) Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex or (10) Redken Anti-Snap. The recharging complex is a bottle of vitamins that you take once a day. My nails are longer and stronger than ever and my hair seems to be growing faster as well. I'm addicted to them already. The Redken Anti-Snap product is a great leave-in conditioner. Just use a tiny bit on your ends every day to prevent them from breaking. Lasts forever and easy to use.
thanks for all the wonderful advice, Haley!
I can't wait to put some of these on my Christmas list.


Bryant said...

Haley knows a lot. I'm commenting on all your blogs because bloggers "live for the comments"

Tesa said...

Haley clued me in on "Curls Rock" back in May. I spent my carefully guarded cash on that one product- and have never regretted it one bit! So worth it-- it makes me love wearing curls! An added bonus- I use it about every other day, and I still am working on that same bottle! Lasts a long time!
Good tips, fun post.

Jan said...

Thank you Summer. I am so not up on goodies like this. I can always use a heads up. Love it.



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