January 12, 2009
Left Bank Cafe.
This little coffeehouse is literally, just around the corner from my house.
Although I can see the side of the cafe from my front window, I am mostly reminded of its nearness by the seductive smell it produces. Each day the L.B. coffee roaster floods main street with an unmistakable toasty aroma.
The other day I joined my mother-in-law (Judy) for lunch here at the Left Bank. I am always surprised at how a place so wonderful can be hidden away in such a tiny town. I feel like it needs to be noticed & recognized.
If you were to go inside, you would find a scarlet & cream checkered tile floor below miniscule cafe tables. Further back, a dim, cozy corner; complete with deep arm chair, stacks of reading material, & a couch that occupants will not sit on, but rather sink into. Next to all of this is a small station for the owner's laptop, mail, etc. & a modest counter at which you may order your coffee pleasure.
When you step into this miniature haven, and if you've lived here for awhile (like Judy), you will most likely be greeted by a cheerful barista who regrets to inform you that you just missed your favorite pumpkin soup yesterday. But, you're in luck, because today they have that fresh, homemade carrot cake that you just love. The best in town.
While you're deciding on what else to have with your dessert, the owner may return from an errand & be delighted to see you occupying one of the tables. She'll know you by name and bring you a dash of cinnamon to sprinkle on top of your cream-cheese frosted piece of cake.
You (now referring to myself, a fairly new addition to the town) will leave profoundly fascinated by the existence of genuine small town interaction.
All in all, you will consider it to be quite a pleasant and surreal experience and will find yourself contemplating how it is that you came to be here, a city girl like yourself.
And the only other matter on your mind will be to wonder how business is going for that charming shop.
p.s. if you're ever in southwest Minnesota, stop by & you can sample the L.B for yourself.


sophie said...

r u on NOW????!!!!????

Bryant said...

i've been to left bank! Your town definitely has a bunch of nice little shops.

have a lovely said...

what a darling charm!!!

{btw...you've been tagged}!!!



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