January 26, 2009
for ice cream.
isn't that sad? i wish it wasn't so. i will admit that i go through phases where something cold & creamy sounds good, but for the most part, i remain un-tempted. when i'm told we're going out for ice cream, i'm more excited about the going out part. while everyone else around the table is enjoying their frozen favorite, i will probably be sipping a glass of water- wishing that the popular thing to do were to go out for cookies or brownies or chocolate cake.
so, knowing this about me, you are free to make a new judgment of my character.
now, about those times when ice cream does sound appealing... i must have it the right way.
1. skip the cone. i take mine straight up in a dish. pile it high & hand me a spoon.
2. none of this soft-serve nonsense. if i'm going to go ahead with this frozen dessert, it jolly well better be frozen. i mean good & hard, people. i shouldn't be able to stir anything in my bowl.
3. the flavor options:
cookie dough= i could be persuaded.
chocolate with fudge brownie chunks= sure, that sounds good.
chocolate with a ribbon of peanut butter= need you ask?
my hands-down favorite is Archer Farms Peanut Butter Fudge.
take it from someone who doesn't even like the stuff, we have 56 ounces of rich & velvety, irresistible goodness right here. you won't find any better.
yet another testimonial for the greatness of target & its generic lines.
can you tell that i miss my staple store? i miss it enough to blog about it, for goodness' sake.
and if you went from living 1 minute away to living an hour and a half away, you might too.


Rachel said...

I'm not much of an ice cream person either! No one gets it, but it just doesn't do much for me. Maybe I'll have to try the Target brand.

Renee said...

My ultimate favorite too!! This one is as good as Baskin-Robbins'...but easier to find and less expensive!! Great pick!

pve design said...

I love the Archer Farms products. My sister is a target addict and I can always count on her scouting great things and then introducing them to me.

Blair said...

Oh, that flavor sounds amazing! It is way too cold here to think about ice cream today but I have been a big fan of espresso gelato from ciao bella.

You are my fave... said...

Oh man, ice cream is my favorite food. Maybe if you go to Italy and try gelato you'll become addicted like me. I love pb and chocolate so I have to try this.

marta said...

mmm. i must try this. i knew we could be true life friends. i adore baskins pb and chocolate.



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