January 27, 2009
happily, the list is growing again.
here's another excerpt.
(some of these entries are from my junior high days)
the list | number three
548. shortening my bathroom routine
378. buying new school supplies & new school clothes
85. getting a hair cut
503. putting ice cubes in my milk
523. learning something new about the english language
393. pink starbursts
645. going into a house I've never been in before
222. crayola superfine writing markers
430. fancy faucet fixtures
387. memorizing a new class schedule & locker combination
546. kisses on the back of my neck
325. singing verb songs from french class
302. memories of reading goodnight moon
540. the smell of sunscreen
521. when someone else touches/fixes/plays with/curls my hair


Grant said...

Whoa!!! Kisses on the back of my neck was #302....302 was WAY before you met me. Do I need to know more about this?

summer said...

nice catch, grant!
it's actually #546- i will change that.



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