January 29, 2009
... he could be in a musical.
that's right, my guy can sing.
not only can he sing, he makes a mean music video.
but before you press play, i should give you a little history behind this video.
at Camp Shetek (where we work in the summertime), there are two main groups of staff: the kitchen girls & the maintenance men. grant's title is head maintenance man. the camp shetek maintenance men are an elite group. believe me, the girl campers swoon over these rugged & sun-tanned boys.
they mow & trim, they drive the jet ski, they'll help your team in the hoccer tournament, they do mail call; they do it all. a few years ago, the maintenance men made a video for some skit night entertainment, and a tradition was born. their music videos have become one of the most looked-forward-to aspects of a week at camp shetek.
the campers love these Men; they admire them, take pictures of them & giggle at all their jokes. basically, the Men are the camp celebrities. i feel privileged to know them & call one of them my husband.
here is your first taste of their work, an adapted rendition of part of your world from the little mermaid, complete with minnesota accents. sit back & watch the maintenance men burst into song as they confess their hearts' true desire.
performed by grant, graham, ryan, & jared


Tesa said...

bravo! very well done-- and how fun!

Blair said...

ok, you are one very lucky girl. That was so fun to watch and hilarious!

Renee said...

I remember the first time you showed this to me...we must have watched it one hundred times!!
And, now, all these years later...(ha ha!) it's still fun to watch!
thanks for sharing this for everyone to enjoy!

please sir said...

Oh so funny - yes you are a lucky gal! Happy weekend!

sophie (clover) said...

Ha ha!

Sara said...

that was AMAZING!

Courtney said...

Your are a lucky lady! That was too funny! I may have actually just snorted while I was watching...

pve design said...

your men made my day!

marta said...

oh my goodness. this is the most awesome youtube video ever. way to rock it, grant. way to catch a good one, summer. okay, now i'm watching it again.

Tovah said...

Just found you through PW. I must say that this video was awesome! Well put together and the rewritten song made me laugh. Thanks for sharing the fun!

mgoecke said...

That had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Man, I bet the crowd was rolling! I know I was.
Thanks for that.

Mary S. said...

wow! this is hilarious!! Loves it.. I guess theres a little mermaid in all of us :)

Riss said...

This is fantastic! "The Little Mermaid" is my favorite Disney movie, and this little video made me giggle out loud!



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