February 2, 2009
You know you've become a Minnesotan when you hear that it's 36 degrees outside & decide that you don't need a coat for the day. 
I deeply regretted the decision to go coatless on Saturday afternoon, when the wind picked up while Grant & I were on a running-errands-date. 
When you live in a small town, dates like this are quite common. 
You set aside a day to make the journey to someplace well-populated enough to have a walmart. You stockpile your grocery lists ahead of time, opting to wait for the walmart bargains rather than surrender to the overpriced goods at the little market in your tiny town. You hop in the car, sporting sunglasses & pretending that it's warm outside, smiling because it's Saturday & because you are heading to a city! Hurray! And even though this "city" is small & has recently been stripped of its Starbucks, it is still a very happy occasion. While you're in that metropolis, you take advantage of other "big city" things, like mcdonalds & a movie theatre. (humble things become rather significant after a dose of small town life) At the movie theatre, you take in a new flick about a city girl who moves to a little town in Minnesota... how ironic. 
Thankfully on this cold day of running errands I had the following items to get me through...
gloves. don't leave home without them.
sour patch kids. for me. for the movie.
reese's pieces. for grant. for the movie.
grocery list. for surviving the walmart aisles.
v. c. grapes lotion. dry hands are my unending battle.
(my sister haley stuck this perfect-for-the-purse bottle into my stocking. it smells phenomenal.)


please sir said...

Ohh that is chilly! At least you had all the goods ready - YUM sour patch!

Courtney said...

Sour Patch Kids are a definite must for me too! Delicious.

It's funny because my husband and I were contemplating moving to two small towns (two different job offers) before he accepted his current job that brought us to Houston- and weekend outings to the "big city" to enjoy things like WalMart and the movies would have been part of our lives too. Your tale makes it sound so very sweet.

Tawnya said...

Oh Summer! I love your blog and I loved this post. Residing in Wisconsin and also in a very small town, I completely related to your wonderful, "big-city" adventure, and yes, the 30+ weather too. And sour patch kids? They're practically my favorite!

haley said...

i'm glad you spelled theatre with an "re".

Kristi said...

Have you tried Sour Gummy Life Savers? They are pretty good too!
Love your blog, by the way.



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